Amazing Small Bathroom Ideas for Your Limited Apartment


Do not worries about having just a little space in the apartment for freshen up since there are plenty small bathroom ideas. small means you only have super small space of bathroom and in some cases is it not fun to have it super small. But I love how my friends redesign bathroom into a compact one and still got the stylish and comfortable ambience.

Incorporated Things inside Small Bathroom Ideas

This small bathroom is decorated with white tile wall and black medium size tile flooring. It not only has shower, toilet and sink, but it also incorporated the washing machine inside the smart small bathroom ideas. You can see in this photo that the sink and toilet is placed near side by side and the shower is located next to the toilet with the door that swing inside to the shower. This way it did not waste the space for opening the door. Next to the shower is placed washing machine which make the sink and toilet area creating L shape area with the washing machine.

When shower often be the ultimate choice for small bathrooms, but does not mean that bathtub cannot be include. You can see in this photo that this bathroom incorporated shower and also bathtub. If your bathroom is super small you can place the shower above the bathtub, this way you will be saving space for shower area and bathtub area. But if you prefer to have it both separately, wisely place it diagonally and choose the one with rounding glass door instead of rectangle door. It will give more airy look.

Space Saving in Small Bathroom Ideas

To have petite bathroom is somewhat tricky while you wanted to get a place to rejuvenate but the space is very limited. What you need next is have the room color with bright neutral tone although you can add dazzling accents horizontally across the room. Choose glass material instead of wooden material for simply storage of shelving. Avoid having base counter beneath the sink and preferring to have pedestal sink to eliminate the narrow ambience. You can find more of smart small bathroom design ideas in these photos below.

Gallery of Amazing Small Bathroom Ideas For Your Limited Apartment

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Modern Bathroom Small Bath Tub Bathroom Mirror With Backlit

Modern Small Bathroom Ideas Small BathTub Bathroom Mirror With Backlit

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