Wood Materials for Interior Design and decorating – Wood is a very warm and natural coating that is durable and easy to maintain, can be placed in any room of the house, both in soils as finishes, giving the housing in which a touch that does not go out of style it is applied. Some treatments today wood is applicable in any room of your house.

Wood is a material that not never goes out of fashion, and thanks to the different technological advances, can now be applied in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, where before or it was thought that they could be applied, given the factors of humidity and temperature differences.

Wood Living Room: The use of wood in the lounge, which is the busiest room in the house, can help give the decorative point of first instance, apply on soils with wide tables, which are what latest fashion is since they look very elegant and provide a visual sensation of amplitude. Give them a matte finish, makes the wood look much more natural.

Wood material interior design in living room

Wood Kitchen: As for the kitchen, advances that we have on painting as polyurethane varnishes do any paneling, is much more resistant to water, therefore it allows us to apply it to floors such as cuisine, you have to make an extra protection to avoid leaks, give several capable of varnish and cover the joints between the boards, to make it much more durable, and specific products for wood should be used to protect the wood.

Vintage kitchen design with wood material - interior design

Wood in Bathroom: On the other hand it can also be in the bathroom, bearing in mind the changes of temperature and excess moisture that tends to be in this area of the House, and those tropical timber should be preferred or which are treated with waterproofing, which protects them to making wood is easy to wash and support moisture thanks to the different finishes that are applied on it. For swimming we can choose woods such as teak, Iroko, ipe, which are the best, due to its density and its high content in oils that prevent damage easily.

Bathroom design with wood material - interior design

Wood Bedroom: In bedrooms, not only provides warmth, but very pleasant stay, and it is one of the best choices, both for the master bedroom to the of the little kids, you may want to clear woods such as e.g. oak, which is very tough, and it can be easily combined with any style.

Bedroom design wood bedroom platform - interior design

Wood for Stairs: The wood is also applicable on the stairs, Nowadays wood materials could be integrated into housing decoration, also can be covered with the same wood floors to integrate them visually and give sense of continuity, in these cases you should prefer one-piece treads are very aesthetic and can place it on the floor, or on a layer of polyethylene, to cushion footsteps.

Wooden stairs - interior design and decorating

Halls: For step areas such as corridors, it is important that the wood wall is tough enough and well treated with varnishes so they are easy to care for.