10 Bathroom Decoration Ideas for Fancy Bathroom

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Bathroom is a private heaven for those who love to pamper their selves. Also, t is a small but important room of the house. However, the bathroom can be decorated with lot many things but antiques gives an authentic look to the bathroom. Bathroom decoration with antiques makes the bathroom space look a rich and expensive one. These antiques convert the bathroom into a luxury room where you can enjoy the royal way of bathing experience.

The old fashioned mirrors and huge vanity sink are the most popular antiques which are added in the bathroom decoration. The vintage styled footed bath tub looks ravish and royal in the bathroom. The incorporation of antiques in the bathroom is the style and status statement in the décor world.

1. Magnificent Bathroom With Golden Beautification

Well, the glazing golden colored frames on both side of the artful piece of the mirror takes you to the ancient era of designs and decor.  Furthermore, the fine design in the mirror frame in bathroom decoration is attractive and the matching bathing tub faucets are alluring with the footed bath tub.

Bathroom Decorations With Antiques

2. Stunning Bathroom Chandelier For Antique Look

The ornamental iron work on the dangling chandelier creates interest in bathroom decoration. Also, the candle stand beside the bath tub with silver color is unique in its design and art.

Stylish bathroom decor

3. Fascinate The Bathroom With Royal Decor

Most noteworthy, the crystal chandelier and golden framed huge mirrors in this bathroom decoration are beautiful and matches with the golden rich theme of the bathroom having large vanity sink and vintage bath tub.

Royal bathroom decor

4. Old Fashioned Bathroom With Mod Luxury

The bathroom having all modern facilities and antique decoration is functional as well as a luxurious one. The wooden vanities and delicately carved silver plated mirrors upgrade the luxury of the bathroom.

Old Fashioned Bathroom With Mod Luxury

5. Stylish Bathroom With Prime Furniture

Certainly, the elite white furniture with an aristocratic design is amazing. Above all, the hanging golden chandelier is impressive for this bathroom decoration . The small candle holder on the wall is paired with the chandelier design and makes the bathroom look gorgeous.

Cool bathroom decorations

6. Bathroom With Brass Finishing

Give an authentic look to the bathroom with the incorporation of brass accessories. While the brass accessories look engaging with the parallel antiques.

Bathroom With Brass Finishing

7. Sleek Bathroom Decoration With Traditional Sink

The wooden small vanity with the bronze sink vessel is unique in the bathroom which is the characteristic feature of the small bathroom.

Small bathroom beautiful decor

8. Ornamental Faucets For Vintage Bathroom

The use of huge paired mirrors on the both sides of the bathing tub is solitary. While the bold dark brown large vanity sinks with marble top are splendid.

Modern Bathroom Decorations

9. Classical Bathroom Decoration With Classy Accent

The claw footed bath tub is monumental. The black metallic lustrous shower accessory makes the bathroom a high end in its own way.

bathroom decoration

10. Bathroom Decoration With Antiques Accessories

The wooden furnishings and the geometrical shaped candle stand give a marvelous look to the bathroom. The clock and the serving table are noble.

Amazing bathroom decorations

Make your bathroom look rich with the addition of pre historic timed designs and modern accessories; both are a perfect combination for fancy bathroom.


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