10 Decorating Ideas for a Chic Bathroom

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Decorating Ideas for a Chic Bathroom – Bathroom is the most used room in the house other than the kitchen, yet we rarely think about our bathroom decoration. However, if we give it just a little attention and make an effort to introduce some changes, we can easily create a well designed space with a pleasant atmosphere and improve the quality of our time spent relaxing in our bathtub after a long day. Here are a few simple tips that will help you create a chic bathroom and turn it into your own personal spa-like retreat.

1. Unusual Tile Shapes

Tiles are the dominant element of any bathroom and being creative with tiling will certainly create a designer look to your bathroom. You could use out of the ordinary shapes like hexagons for example, or create a brickwork look by using rectangular tiles rather than square ones. Another option is to have the tiles fitted in a multicoloured diagonal cascade.
bathroom tile shapes

2. Accentuate Sections

There are many various colorful patterned tiles, you can use non-matching ones but have them in only one section of the bathroom to make an accent on it and it will nicely contrast a solid-hued background. You can have monochrome tiles with pigmented grouting, or two contrasting shades plus black.
chick bathroom decor

3. Free-standing Tub

If you can, get a stand-alone bathtub and place it in the centre of the bathroom, making it a focal point of the room and giving the bathroom a spa-like feeling. It is possible to find vintage free-standing tubs in antique stores sometimes. Additionally, there are many low budget bathroom ideas so you don’t have to spend a lot of money.
stand alone bathtub

4. Real Curtains

Surround your tub or shower with real linen or sheer cotton curtains, or why not even lush lace curtain, but have the waterproof liner on the inside.
Bathroom real curtain

5. Wood

To introduce a natural element, add a wood stump stool next to your tub to hold your toiletries, or even a nice antique chair. You could remove the legs from the chair, hang it on the wall and keep your towels and toiletries on it.
Bathroom decorating

6. Lighting Fixtures

Simply replacing your standard ceiling lamp for a designer pendant lamp or a rustic chandelier will make a huge difference. You can get something that will cast a nice pattern on the walls, or a stained glass lamp to add some colors. Lanterns will make a great choice as well.
Bathroom lighting

7. Candles and Candle-holders

As you want to create a relaxing atmosphere and a pleasant mood in your bathroom, it is always good to have dimmable lighting or at least candles. Nice antique candle-holders can make a bold aesthetic statement and be practical at the same time.
candles holder in your bathroom

8. Mirror and Vanities

A big bold designer mirror will definitely change the look of your bathroom. You can upgrade your existing mirror by adding a carved picture frame on it, refinishing it, making a mosaic around it or attaching some colorful beads on the upper corners to create colorful reflections. Also, make sure that your bathroom vanity complements the mirror and the tapware.
bathroom mirror and vanities

9. Plants and flowers

Having a plant will make a nice decoration and bring life into your bathroom. You could also have dried or fresh flowers in a vase or even a flower patterned wallpaper in case you don’t have tiles on all the walls.
Bathroom decor with plants flowers

10. Carpets

Instead of a small rug, use a real carpet. It can be wooly and textured in neutral colors, or something like a Native American style rug, hand-made and unique.
bathroom decor with carpets



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