10 Modern Living Room Rugs Design Ideas

Modern Living Room Rugs – Rugs are used to cover your floors and add beauty and style to your rooms. They serve the purpose of beautifying your rooms as well as they make you feel comfortable. These rugs keep your feet warm during the cold winters and also help you to stretch and relax. The modern living room rug ideas include some exclusive rugs which help to define your space wonderfully. These rugs come in different designs and patterns. You can go in for the simple striped rugs or go in for the exquisitely designed oriental rugs. To add an element of fun in your living room the sculptured rugs are an ideal choice. You can make your rooms look vibrant and radiant with bright colorful area rugs. The rugs also come in different styles like the shag rugs, pom pom rugs, swirl rope rugs, tufted rugs, etc. The rugs are either handmade or machine made. They are created with different materials which include wool, canvas, cotton, etc.

10 Modern Living Room Rugs Design Ideas

Check out the collection of modern living room rug ideas and choose the appropriate one to adorn your floors.

Black and white striped rugs

Modern Living Room with Black and white striped rugs

Create visual interest in your modern living room with this black and white striped rug. It is simple in looks but makes your room look elegant.

Geometric designed contemporary rugs

Decorate your beautiful wooden flooring with this contemporary designer rug. The geometric patterns are printed with precision and complement the decors perfectly.

Patchwork Shag Rug

This is a magnificent looking rug which will make your modern living room look wonderful. The rug is innovatively designed with patchwork making it an interesting décor in your unique stylish room.

Black and white swirl rope rug

These exquisitely designed swirl rope rugs are absolutely stunning. The black and white color of the rug perfectly blends with the furniture and wall paint creating more dimensions to the room.

Vibrant Colorful Checkered rug

Brighten up your living room with this inspiring rug. You can stretch yourself in this luxuriously designed rug and have a relaxing and blissful time.

Sculptured Maze Rug

Add an element of fun into your living room with this modern sculptured rug. The maze sculptured on the white rug enables you to indulge in a playful and relaxing time.

Antique colorful designer rugs

Make your modern living room graceful and elegant with this beautiful designer rug. This antique rug is colorfully designed to make your living room look exotic.

Hand tufted woolen rug

These handmade woolen rugs are soft and make you feel at ease. They are exclusively designed to increase comfort and durability.

Bright colored Printed rugs

Beautify your modern living room with this uniquely designed rug. The bright colored prints are in contrast to the light colored furniture and walls to give a stunning effect to your living room.

Ethnic Oriental Area Rug

Modern living room with Ethnic Oriental Area Rug

Add style and an ethnic touch to your contemporary modern living room with this oriental area rug. It is an outstanding rug which glorifies your room.

When it comes adding elegance, style and liveliness to your living room these modern living room rug ideas are the perfect choice.

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