12 Tips to Make Small Room Look Bigger With Mirrors

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No need to worry if you are feeling that there is anything that I can make this room look bigger? You are not alone anymore. In fact, there are many simple techniques that will create an illusion happened in your small room and make a room look bigger, and luckily one of those simple tips is to use full-length and flat mirrors placing on walls that can make room look bigger.

Decorating small room with mirrors is also the trick used in the interior design in order to reflect natural light from outside and, thus brightening from artificial light. This trick can create a feeling of more space and fool your eyes to enhance views.

However, the most important thing is to choose the right mirrors to an appropriate locations so that  add a fully capture of the light and spreading the good warm to cozy room.

12 Easy Ways How To Make Small Room Look Bigger

  • Placing a large and full-length mirror in doorway. This allows anyone who comes into your house feel greater space promptly. The mirror should be placed on a wall where the eyes can see the first place.
  • Putting a mirror at the middle between couples of windows. This idea can fool the eyes that there is another window and help to increase the natural light.
  • Having a mirror at any corners near window. It creates a fantastic view and reflects a light from outside.
  • Placing mirrors on the wall opposite a window helps to make a different size and feeling more space to a room.
  • Make small bathroom look bigger by hanging a decorative mirror on a wall from counter to ceiling.
  • It helps looking more space in the whole of dining room if you place mirrors at the backs of open shelving.
  • Open up a small kitchen space by utilizing mirror rather than ceramic tile behind the sink.
  • Mounted on the door panels with mirrors.
  • Line the wall behind shelves with mirrors to make a small space look bigger.
  • A mirror behind the bar also make a room look bigger.
  • Making the entire ceiling mirrored.
  • Place a lamp in front of this mirror.

If you have a large mirror with really nice frame, you can live it up with the wall and make it an attractive interior design and also increase the size of your living space. Using a larger mirror, it’s not just getting a feel of more reflected light but it will increase the light around the room and create a warm atmosphere as well.

If you do not have enough budgets for large mirror that is somewhat more expensive than it should be, small mirrors are one of your alternatives that can be easily bought from discount home decorating stores.

Small decorative mirrors are offered at different prices, sizes, shapes and materials used for making frames. You can choose to shop them by designs and style as you like or paint their frames with the same color and arrange them on the wall as the same group. This will make it look a mess, without the feeling of too cluttered things.

Remember that if you want to use mirrors to make a room looks bigger, you should experiment with a few places first and should also realize how the mirror works with windows.

Don’t just hang it above the mantel, you should try using mirrors with your creativity and try to place mirrors on the new places in order to looking for a new image of this world.

Gallery Images of Small Room Look Bigger With Mirrors

Would you try any room decorating ideas to decorate your small room with mirrors?


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