5 Tips for Study Room Design and Decoration

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The study room is a place where you meet yourself and, have the freedom to let your mind wander. Give the perfect decor to your study room to make it one of the best corners in your home.

The first thing to remember when giving a makeover to your study room is it to keep it simple. Give it elements which speak of your personality and nature. A well decorated and styled study room keeps your interest at work along with your enthusiasm going. We have put together some easy and stylish tips to give your study a new and improved look.

Light up your study room

Study Room Design and Decoration

It is not necessary that your study room exudes staying on top of all things fashionable. It is better to limit it to a sober look, which builds a positive atmosphere and helps you concentrate. You may dress the walls in pastel shades like trendy coffee, or pale yellow to make the room look big. Light shades reflect energy and light making the rooms look bigger, while dark shades absorb light, making it look small and dark.

Organize your Floor

Study Room Design and Decoration

Flooring of the study room should always complement your house. Wooden flooring is quite popular in these days and gives warmth to a room. However, you can also pick ceramic flooring or a carpet. The the former however is easier to maintain.

Make it Out-of-the-Box

Study Room Design and Decoration

Most of the time people tend to make their study room the least imaginative sticking to boring brown chairs and tables. Go abstract and give your room with something out-of-the-box. Think of using a white chair and white colored table to not just fill it brightness but to balance out the colours in the room. You may also decorate the wall with paintings or pictures or a lot of colours.

Make room for your books

Study Room Design and Decoration

Cabinets play a crucial part in designing your study room. Bookshelves or low lying cabinets take less space and are accessible easily at the same time. Let your imagination fly when to comes to mixing and matching colours on your cabinets.

Make it your very special den

Study Room Design and Decoration

A very important source of natural energy is sunlight. Leave enough space in your study room for at least one window to open. Along with this, the lighting in your room should be not too bright. Yellow light as we all know, is the best study room. The wise thing to do is to balance out the ceiling lights and the study table light.

Make your study room the most cherished space in your house with a lot of personality.


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