7 Amazing Things That Will Transform Your Bedroom

Is it time for a bedroom makeover? Is your bedroom crying out for a modern day transformation? Then look no further. Here are the seven latest bedroom trends that will have you and your room sighing in peace and comfort and relaxation, ahhh…!

•    Get some great window treatments. If you don’t have curtains or blinds now is the time. Invest in a nice pair that can be drawn down at night to block out any light and help you get a better night’s rest, but also a pair that can be pulled back in the day to allow the light in and brighten your room naturally.

•    Get a great new bed! Maybe it’s time to get a bed big enough for two? Or downsize to a smaller sized bed to give you more space. A great new bed with a sheik and sleek headboard is the way to go. Keep the lines simple, look for comfortable mattresses when choosing your options, and be amazed at how great your new room looks and how great your body will feel!

•    Remove all clutter and any unnecessary electronics. Simple and sweet is in, KISS, Keep it simple silly! You want to create a relaxed and/or romantic atmosphere. Anything to do with work get rid of! Your bedroom is not the place to have your lap top, your files and folders, or your cell phone. If possible remove these items, they are a distraction and take away from the cozy atmosphere a bedroom should imply. Also they create magnetic fields which may prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. Add candles, and soft, delicate touches to enhance the romance in the room.

•    Add a splash of color. Is it time to change the color of the walls? Wallpaper is out, and so are borders. If you want to modernise your bedroom, paint it one or two colors and no more. Stay away from patterns and geometric shapes, they are too busy! Try a hint of mint to lighten and brighten the room, or go with a warm mocha to bring an earthy, cozy feeling to the room.

•    Sham it up! Pillow shams are back and in a big way. Go out and get a new pair of pillow shams to compliment your current bedspread, and be surprised at the difference a little frill can make!

•    Feng Shui your bedroom. Maybe it’s time to do something as simple as changing the position of your bed. Try to place it where you feel secure, have a nice view, and one that provides a maximum of space in the room.

•    Add some new art. Try adding some calming images of oceans or light houses, or move your current pictures around. A photowall will change the look of your bedroom. If you have a lot of pictures already, maybe it’s time to take some down.

Online retailer, BedCentre are specialists in good quality beds & mattresses offering top brands from the likes of Tempur, Silentnight and Sealy that will help transform your room and give it an air of fresh air.

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