Basic Tips for Bathroom Decorating

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Bathroom Decorating – Today decoration we want to give some tips or suggestions that can be very useful when trying to decorate our bathrooms. As space is one of the most used of the house, so make attractive and stylish compositions will be our priorities yes, and a functional and practical design.

One of the key points for bathroom decorating is to look at all storage sites and this also applies to those dead zones have the same bathroom for example corners, behind doors, ceilings, under the sink etc. These holes serve to store and organize things.

Bathroom Decorating ideas

Make sure that the furniture you choose for your bathroom shelf and drawer has to help order. In this way we obtain well-organized bathrooms however small and chaos we invade the room.

Bathroom furniture - bathroom decorating

For ideal bathroom decorating ,we must also take into account the location of furniture and toilets, for example ensures that the toilet is farthest from the door however this can be located near a beautiful sink.

If you do not have much room do not install furniture too big or huge bathtub search seeks to leave room furniture provided for transit.

Bathroom decorating - bathroom lighting

The lighting is a crucial factor in the decoration; normally will have to have at least two sources of light for more intimate occasions or to relax and another general light encompassing the entire stay if this is not enough it installs more. The mirror also can put, for when we pennames, we make up etc. Remember to put light bulbs.

Bathroom decorating - bathroom ceramics

For bathroom decorating always recommended the ceramic or stone, as these are more resistant to water, humidity and different temperatures. But today there are well prepared to woods provide elegance to these rooms.

On the latter one tries not decorate too much, we want this part of the house is a place of relaxation; reflection and quiet if you decorate too much can happen quite the opposite.

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