15 Ceiling Design for Bedroom, Living Room, and Kitchen

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Homedecoy – For most people who don’t pay too much attention to the structure of a house. Perhaps the ceiling design is the last part that is often noticed. In fact, the ceiling is part of the building which also determine the beauty of a room in the house. Just imagine, what happens if a house is not decorated with ceilings? The ceiling of the house is not just a roof frame cover, but also serves to hide all electrical installations behind the ceiling frame.

The ceiling that is installed properly also serves to facilitate air circulation and can even be soundproof, reduce noise, and others. Well, after knowing the importance of the ceiling. We have provided ceiling designs idea to help you when you want to decorate the house. So that you will be more observant and careful in determining the right ceiling design for home.

1 Ceiling Design with Wood Elements

wood ceiling design

Wood can indeed add to the elegant style of a house, as well as this ceiling design with wood element as shown in the picture. With a simple ceiling, the installation of a wooden ceiling combined with white concrete material increasingly looks shiny with warm yellow lighting. The entire room is decorated in this oriental style, so it looks really unique and special. Thanks to this wooden ceiling design.

2 Ceiling Wood Beam

Ceiling Wood Beam

The ceiling of your house will be more beautiful by framing wood beams as seen in the picture. Make your home more comfortable with the impression of an optimal wooden beam design. This is a simple ceiling ideas for living rooms that also combined with wooden furniture, looks very well-suited.

3 Decorative ceiling panels

Decorative ceiling panels

Ceiling design in this room uses a white decorative panel with a creamy main ceiling. Although the room looks small, but thanks to the installation of the decorative ceiling panels, this room looks quite luxurious with a charming interior style.

4 Multi level Stretch Ceiling Design

Multilevel stretch ceiling design

Prioritizing a simple minimalist ceiling design, making this room more beautiful and shining because of the ceiling layout that looks multilevel on the side of the room. In addition, the wall lights are also fitted in a neat way. The room temperature will also feel warm due to this simple ceiling ideas.

5 Tropical Accents with Classic Minimalist Ceiling Design

Ceiling design for bedroom

Want to have a bedroom that always reminds you of summer holidays? This ceiling design for bedroom inspiration takes the classic cone concept. With a clean white color, this cone ceiling makes a comfortable bedroom with a thick tropical atmosphere. No wonder many traditional hotels like to take bedroom ceiling concepts like this. How about you?.

6 Favorite Ceiling Design For Family Rooms

ceiling ideas for family room

This minimalist ceiling design is one of the most favorite designs in every house in a minimalist style. With a modern architectural style, this minimalist ceiling hides the dim incandescent lamp perfectly. The room won’t feel too bright, but it’s warm and comfortable. The center of the minimalist ceiling is also empty, but additional lighting such as table lamps and floor lamps add adequate lighting sources. With the right family room ceiling, family room decoration can be chosen optimally.

7 Ceiling Design Scandinavian-style Light Textured

ceiling designs ideas

This room takes on the dominant Scandinavian style of the interior with an elegant gray color. With a combination of large windows and beautiful window curtains and lightning-textured ceiling designs, this room feels larger, fresh and spacious. In addition, a unique and modern chandelier, this space is suitable for relaxing for those with youthful.

8 Ceiling and Wall Transition for the Right Combination

ceiling and wall transition

This ceiling design appears to cover the top of the room up to a certain distance, which is up to the white border. While the wall part is connected with attractive brightly colored wood. This room ceiling is also equipped with lights in a matching minimalist style. The result? The room feels more larger and spacious than it really is.

9 Futuristic Ceiling Design for Kids Bedroom

ceiling design for kids bedroom

Have kids who love the sci-fi theme? Complete the bedroom with a futuristic ceiling design. No need to bother with the design, a little curve and playing high and low ceiling of the child’s room can make him more comfortable in the bedroom. This ceiling design is perfect for those of you who plan to make a unique bedroom. Don’t forget to add matching shelves for unique storage and other different ideas.

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10 Cute & Unique Baby Room Ceiling Design

ceiling design for bedroom

Are you designing a baby room? You can applay a nicely painted ceiling design with this style. By painting these three neutral colors, the room feels more fresh, cheerful, and suitable for your baby’s mood to keep cheerful. Coupled with a fan, this painting motif looks neat, neat and perfectly centered.

11 Classic Blue Wood Ceiling Design

wood ceiling design classic blue

Without complicated designs or motifs, this ceiling design really attracts attention with a classic and romantic light blue color. Coupled with quality vintage-style furniture and decorative pillows, this outdoor room feels chic and stylish.

12 Ceiling Design For Modern Interior

ceiling design for interior

This beautiful minimalist ceiling design with irregular shapes actually creates a modern but relaxed impression. Suitable for office space or work space, creative inspiration will increasingly emerge thanks to the minimalist ceiling design that is far from symmetrical.

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13 Minimalist Ceiling with Dreamy Stencil Motif

dreamy ceiling design for bedroom

Want to have a dreamy and romantic bedroom? In addition to the interior style that you can design in such a way, don’t forget to add a stencil motif to your home’s minimalist ceiling. Ceiling with painting, motif or certain stencil is also suitable for children’s bedrooms, for example by adding colorful polka-dot motifs.

14 Room Divider with Low Ceiling

low ceiling for kitchen

The floor of the dining room in this kitchen is perfectly separated. With a simple low ceiling design bar that is designed lower than one area to another, there is a partition that bridges the function between these very tight spaces. Coupled with beautiful decorative lights, this minimalist ceiling makes the home atmosphere more beautiful, comfortable and perfect.

15 Beautiful Room with Sloping Ceiling

sloping ceiling

Sloping ceiling has its own unique beauty. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to decorate a house with a sloping ceiling style, then this is worth trying to mix and match this type of ceiling with a type of wooden floor or parquet.

Those are some ceiling designs that can be your source of inspiration. Make sure the ceiling you choose matches the interior style of your house. If you have trouble determining the best interior design for your home, leave a message or write a comment in the section below!


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