Bedroom Ideas – Pink and Black Bedroom

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Pink bedroom sounds too girly for some people. However pink is a good color for girl. If you want to apply pink for your bedroom but you do not want to bring ‘too girly’ impression, you can add black. Black is able to characterize the calm accent of pink for bedroom ideas. Do you know how much percentage you should apply for black and pink to make it balance? You do not need to think so hard for that idea. The most important thing is that you should make one of them too dominated. Here is some information to stimulate your creativity in creating your private room.

Pink And Black Decorating Ideas

Pink Bedroom Paint Colors

You are able to put pink on your wall. There are two kinds of pink that you can put there. The first one is baby pink and the second one is dark pink like magenta. If you like, you are able to combine both for pink bedroom paint colors. If you like painting the wall pink, you should stop your idea to pick other pink stuff. Wall has a big portion in home decoration. Do not forget to add unique pink bedroom furniture to make the room more wonderful.

bedroom with pink colors

Painting the wall pink means you have put a big portion of pink in your room. To make it balanced, you had better put black decoration such as cushion with zebra printed color. There is small combination of white and black there. It will be easily blended with your pink wall and creating a good nuance in your pink bedroom. Besides zebra, the other one is French poodles one day. That scheme is so perfect. Your bedroom will be so funky and not too girly with little manly scheme from zebra and French poodles one day. If you like cheetah, you can also use it, friends. Just let your imagination out to build creative atmosphere in your pink bedrooms.

Inspiration for Black White And Pink Bedroom Ideas

Pink and Black Bedroom Decorating

That has been mentioned above that you can bold manly ambience in pink bedrooms situation with black. Big photo frame with black color will be a good idea. You can choose black watch, black stood lamp and pillow sheets. If you are a creative person, you can make your own painting using black as dominant color. Putting some pink to show little girly character is the best preference for pink bedroom design.

Home Design Ideas with Pink And Black Bedroom Ideas

Fabrics with small pattern like cupcake or black flower can be tailored. You are able to use it for a curtain or a room divider. That is easy to make and cheap. You do not need spend much money to make decoration to beautify your pink bedroom.

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