The Best Tips for Interior Home Decorators

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Interior Home Decorators – Picking the correct style for your own home is a big decision; the right look can drive the value of a property up, and make your life happier.

It could be that you’re just trying to improve your surroundings, it could be that you have hopes of renting out a room/the house, or even flipping the entire property- but to help with the hard part, we’ve outlined the most popular themes and the easiest methods of achieving them right here.

The best tips for interior home decorators

French Country

Halfway between European atmosphere and rustic country style, soft raspberry patterns balanced by Toile can create a soothing environment like no other.


Wide open spaces, and an abundance of natural light gives a feeling of tidiness and grace. Neutral colour schemes and eschewing patterns are a must, and square edges everywhere you look.


All one needs in order to achieve a tasteful eclectic décor is a gift for juxtaposition and a keen sense of style. Your key fixtures should set the tone and be mirrored in your lighting, statues and sculptures. Not too many rules, so if you’re creative and not faint-of-heart then go wild!


Don’t be daunted by the idea of replacing walls with the iconic Shoji Screens; they can be employed to dazzling effect as mere cabinet doors and hangings. Japanese style transforms your home into a tranquil Zen sanctuary. The adventurous might try indoor water features!


For the old souls and the modest among you, this style is humble and homey. Pastel schemes and floral patterns for living spaces, and beadboard to make your bathroom distinct.


“A little pretention never hurt anybody”? If you disagree then perhaps Industrial is the style you’d favour. Functionality and practical use are a fundamental focus here.


Always waiting for Summer to roll back around? Give your guests the feeling that is has with wicker tables, nautical themes art and subtle objets d’art like driftwood or seaside trinkets.


Omit garish colours and outlandish patterned fabrics in favour of clean lines and the classiest items you can obtain from the furniture store. This style really balances elegant timelessness against contemporary stylings.

Art Nouveau

Really feel like you were born in the wrong century? Express yourself with this timeless beauty.

Echoing the iconic beauty of Art Nouveau artists like Alphonse Mucha, with furniture designs inspired by nature, cast-metal ironwork, and asymmetrical curvilinear wood mantelpieces amongst other things, this style is both classic and enduring. Make sure you do it right though otherwise really art buffs will see straight through.

Art Deco

We are on the pinnacle of being back in the Twenties, meaning that this style has been around for 100 years! As opposed to Nouveau, asymmetry is a no-no here; you’re going to need strong geometric shapes and black and white schemes a starting point. Try using a lot of mirrors and vintage artwork to put the icing on the cake!

But if these parameters are too prescriptive for your liking then the most refreshing thing to see is a new style. Take some time and put some thought into it and you’ll feel so accomplished to come up with something original. By rights you should be able to imagine a house style individually custom-tailored to be absolutely perfect for you.


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