Tips – Black Bathroom Decor Ideas

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Black Bathroom DecoratingHomedecoy. When it comes time to bathroom decorating you realize that the strong colors used are green and blue, but really you want an elegant and sober quite live up to the great designs. Did it occur to decorate the bathroom in black?

Despite the latest trends in design and decoration in dark colors, some people are afraid to innovate and decorate in black. However, today we will tell you how to decorate black bathroom. It will be easy for someone as smart as you.

Tips for Black Bathroom Decorating

Black bathroom decorating with black tiles

In decorating, the color black is a source of elegance. Clearly, when it goes well with light colors the result is brilliant. If you decide to decorate the bathroom in black to keep in mind the following tips:

Type of Lighting

Black bathroom lighting

The black color for black bathroom looks great in large spaces. Perhaps if the bathroom is auxiliary, under a ladder or in a corner, maybe you should not appeal to this color because it will look even smaller. Note that small spaces require light colors and vice versa. As lighting is important in a bathroom, it is essential that the light beam is white; other colors will make you look exceptional.

Floors and walls

Black bathroom floor and walls

The best thing is that the black bathroom floor tiles are also in black colors. Currently on the market there are a variety of them, including a slip there for the shower. Choose the one you think best, some with stone textures that make you feel outdoors. As for the walls, you can contrast tiled white bathroom to cut well with the ground. As coquetry fine detail, you can put a black border circled the bath room. Now seems like a chessboard; kings might go to bathe.

Bathroom elements

Black bathroom vanity

The toilet, sink and occasional furniture can’t be different colors to tones for you. For example, the toilet should be simple but not too imposing. A white color creates safety and hygiene. Sinks are many, a pools high and other simple, the idea is that these elements do not flare up bathroom decor but rather are participants in it and they become elegant.

Decorative Accessories

Rubber coated black bathroom accesories

It is very important that the bathroom fixtures to match the decor in black. Maybe if you put gold accessories the experience of going to the bathroom can be raucous, somewhat bizarre. The best, if you prefer it shine, are silver accessories, some black and some white to give balance for black bathroom decor.


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