Choosing Wood Furniture for Home Decor

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For centuries, Wooden furniture has been a staple in the family home. Today it is still extremely popular and wood is the preferred material for many household items such as coffee and dining tables.

Wood is an extremely hard-wearing, robust material that won’t easily fall apart or sustain serious damage. Not only does wood furniture endure over time, but wood is very adaptable and can be pivitol in helping to achieve the desired style of a room, whether it be rustic or elegant, there’s a type of wood that will suit your needs.

Types of Wood

  • Hardwoods such as oak, mahogany, teak and walnut come from deciduous trees
  • Softwoods such as cedar and pine come from coniferous trees

Hardwood is often more expensive than softwood, but the difference in price is indicative of the difference in quality; They are generally much stronger and are therefore less likely to sustain damage, walnut and oak furniture are suited with many different finishes, creating a slick, sleek look. Teak furniture is also particularly strong and impervious to rotting.

Solid oak furniture is popular for its strength and durability. You can get oak furniture to suit any style – traditional, rustic, antique, contemporary and modern. There are also many different kinds of oak wood, from reclaimed and reproduction, to weathered and limed finishes if you want a more vintage look.

Softwood is generally more affordable and thought to be more environmentally friendly. Pine is one of the most popular softwoods, as it can be painted or varnished easily to create different styles.

Light or Dark Wood

It is usually advisable to choose a dark wood if your décor is light, and light wood if your décor is dark; this will ensure the room doesn’t look too dull or washed out and it also helps to make the item of wood furniture stand out nicely.

In summary, any kind of wood is a great choice for furniture but choose wisely; find a type and colour which suits your needs and you’ll be enjoying your wooden furniture pieces for years to come


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