Iconic and Unique Chairs Design By Famous Furniture Designers

unique chairs eames lounge chair wood

Homedecoy – Various designs which are phenomenal and unique chairs actually have started popping up since 1920. Many of the unique chairs from that year still survive until today.

Indeed, although the creator of the design of the chairs had died, but the chairs are still used and revered to this day. Here are the results of the maestro furniture:


1. Eames lounge chair and ottoman

Eames lounge chair and ottoman is an iconic design and is very popular. This unique chairs is the result of the work of famous furniture designers Charles and Ray Eames. Not only “just” decorate living rooms and workspaces around the world, Eames chair are now also “live” in museums such as MOMA, New York and the Art Institute of Chicago. In addition, various documentaries and books have been dedicated to this chair.

Eames chair first appeared on the television show Arlene Francis “Home” on NBC channel in the United States in 1956. After that, over time, Eames chairs are not just limited to the material and the initial design.

Eames chair is also available in white pearl. This chair has a metal component covered white finish that accentuates the aluminum accents on the seat base.

White Ash Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman - Unique chairs
White Ash Eames® Lounge Chair & Ottoman

Today, though richer in terms of design variations, Eames chair manufacturers remain concerned with the quality and comfort of the seat.

Eames Lounge Chair and ottoman made of molded plywood and leather, designed by Charles and Ray Eames for the Herman Miller furniture company