Classy Kitchen Chimneys Pour Grandeur in your Home

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World class kitchen chimneys coupled with eclectic design can now be definitely used to rejuvenate your home interiors appearance. The sole use of these is dedicated to provide ventilation to gases and smokes emerging from ovens, fireplaces or furnaces.

A kitchen chimney is generally vertical, but blessed with the modern day eco technology and wowing designs, it surely appeals as a decorative marvel.

Classy Kitchen Chimneys Uses and Design Strategy

Some tips and strategies for kitchen chimney designs are:

  • If your kitchen is spacious, then Glassy Wall Range Hood should be your choice. This is equipped with 6” round duct system, 3 speed LED controls, 600 cfm alloy blower and 10 minute intense speed setting. Moreover, it comes in stainless colour within 30” and 36” sizes. This smooth glass faber chimney also aids in interior design. Specially designed ones have multicoloured LEDs which light up the entire kitchen during the night.
  • To accentuate the modular kitchens, double Stanza SS and Eleganza Excel kitchen chimney should be used. These have single motor, oil collector, LED display, 3rd generation auto clean technology with 160 mm auto duct system. These are small, eco-friendly, coloured and are from the house of Kutchina.
  • The house of faber chimney is loaded with PRO motor system, baffle style cup filters, LED lights, cubing system and euro styling which perfectly suit the small cooking areas too.
  • The Italian company Sorpresa has launched an exquisite collection of kitchen chimneys. These height adjustable ventilation ones appear more like that of a chandelier, thus imparting lucrative decoration to your cooking space.

Gallery Images of Classy Kitchen Chimneys Pour Grandeur in your Home

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