Collection of Elegant Bathroom Decor

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Elegant Bathroom Decor – Did you pass to the bath parlor with the collection of elegant bathrooms of decorate? Classical, contemporary the design of every model was thought such a work of high sewing.

The elegance of the bathroom by decoration: the great styles of history revisited

Specialist in the design of bathroom, decocted proposes to make this piece a true salon making privacy and well-being even tastier. Now referred lounge suite! Available in several series of small collections, elegant bathroom with decode revisits the great styles of our history. Neva in the collection is the perfect illustration. Inspired by the style “new classic”, it creates a truly personal universe.

Elegant bathroom decor

The meeting between two eras, it is the major trend of the moment, in the haute couture or ready-to-wear. And the design is no exception. With its Aspen collection, decode establishes the link between yesterday and today. The classic style is put forward through the engravings on furniture and all is with a touch of modernism with the very current materials used.

Elegant bathroom collection

The elegant bathroom by decoration: a journey through time and space

Decorate revisits bathroom to give it a new dimension. With its Marco Polo collection, these pieces are an updated oriental spirit. Designed in wedge tinted beech veneer, they combine comfort, elegance and sobriety, as Chinese traditional cabinets. Always in the oriental style, is the trunk of the Indies, a piece of furniture all in one, inspired by the traveling spirit: mirror, cauldron, and storage cupboard?

Elegant bathroom decor collection

Elegant bathroom decor ideas

Because refinement is synonymous with elegance, the Baltimore collection will seduce the followers of luxury. The bowl is no longer a mere accessory; it becomes a real piece of furniture where the contrast between the bright collect r and beige lacquer creates a special atmosphere. Even the drawers are at the time of the technology: they are opened and closed by a simple pressure on their facade.


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