Create Unique Look in Living Room with Recycled Furniture

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If you have decided that the start of a new year is a good time to reinvent the look of your living room with some new furniture, you are in good company. Many people like to kick off a new year by giving their main living space a bold new look, and there are some great bargains to be had in the sales to help you do it. When it comes to inspiration, there are all kinds of places you can look for color schemes and themes, but one trend that just keeps growing and is well worth incorporating into your designs is using recycled furniture. Recycled furniture is kind to the environment, affordable, and can give you a genuinely unique look that will make your room the envy of your friends!

Living room with recycled furniture materials

What is Recycled Furniture?

Recycled furniture refers to furniture that has been used before, either in its current form (i.e. second hand furniture), or in another form. Generally, furniture marketed as ‘recycled’ rather than second hand or antique is a new piece that has been constructed out of usable parts from old furniture or other objects. This means you could have a table made from parts of two old tables, chairs that have been reupholstered using fabrics from an old pair of curtains, or even a whole sofa suite made up of wood, leather and other materials that were once part of something else. Read also Modern Living Room Furniture

Unique living room with recycled furniture

Why is it so Good for the Environment?

Choosing recycled furniture is great for the planet, because everything that goes into making your new piece has already been used. This means there are no new trees being cut down to provide the wood, no new cotton being grown and harvested to make the fabrics, and no new cattle being raised and killed to provide leather. The environmental impact of making a new couch, table, bed or wardrobe out of existing items is zero, and in fact, because it is also saving old items from ending up in landfill, there is a positive impact to consider. Read also Pet-friendly Living Room Interior Ideas

Amazing living room with recycled furniture

Why is it Good for Your Home?

Your home will benefit just as much as the environment when you choose to use recycled furniture, because the people making these pieces are doing some really interesting things with it. If you are looking for something conventional that looks like something from one of the top brands, for example something in the style of a Denelli sofa, you should be able to find manufacturers making recycled pieces that are the last word in luxury and style. However, if what you are looking for is something a little bit more unusual that can serve as a real talking point, there are artists and craftsmen making furniture out of all kinds of things, including things like cars and planes. You can end up with a piece of living room furniture that is not only practical, but also an exciting piece of art, and all while helping save the planet!


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