How To Decorate Dining Living Room Combo

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How To Decorate Dining Living Room Combo – A lot of contemporary houses come with an open floor plan which has a minimum of rooms and walls without defined spaces. In case your living room area and dining area are based in this way, choosing how to decorate might be challenging. With no appropriate home furniture placement, the rooms will look awkward and disjointed. By using a couple of easy tips, you are able to make a superbly flowing combined space ideal for living and entertaining. The area will certainly feel natural, united and welcoming for your guests. Here are 5 ways about How To Decorate Dining Living Room Combo

5 Tips About How To Decorate Dining Living Room Combo


Types of Furniture

The usage of glass tables will help light move through the space, as opposed to heavy dark pieces which will stop the flow of light within the room. A big modular sofa can close up a living area, using its 2 imposing backs. 2 smaller sofas and some comfy chairs open the space up for chat, even with all those within the dining area. Pieces of furniture that has wheels are ideal for these combined spaces simply because they can easily move to wherever they’re wanted at that specific moment. Read also How to Arrange Furniture in Small Living Room

Home furniture Positioning

With a dining living combo room, you’ll still need to make unique spaces within the entire. Check out the layout of the rooms and then figure out if there are architectural signs like a bay window or an alcove to provide you hints about where you can put home furniture. Group a number of the home furniture in the center of the space with out everything being lined up against the wall. You will stay away from an unused, open space in the centre. Keep each of the home furniture on the same scale or you will make a lopsided effect and the rooms will not flow in to each other. Open the couch to the dining area. If you put the back of the couch towards the dining room table, you will make separateness. Read also The best placement of the 8 person dining table

Decorating Dinning Living ROom Combo

Paint all of the walls the same shade therefore the space flows together with each other. Or maybe select 2 colors and work with both of them within different quantities in each one space. If you are using wainscot, placed it up through the entire room to make unity. The entire space needs to have the same type of flooring. If you need to make use of area rugs, position them so that they point in both areas and don’t close up one space. If you decide to have a more spill-friendly floor covering within the dining area, mix the two areas by using similar rugs. Spruce up by using accessories within similar colors plus make use of the same design style. Avoid make a vintage appearance in one space and a modern one in another.

Separating the Spaces

When there comes a time when you do not need to embrace the unity of the two spaces, there are many solutions to let each have its very own unique identity. One of the easiest strategies will be to put up a folding screen. That gives privacy to each area and even gets rid of distractions. Paint the rooms in various colours. With the proximity of the rooms, nevertheless, the colours of each one area need to still synchronize. Floor the living area in carpet and the dining area in tile. Angle the back of the sofa in order that it faces the dining area. Make use of a storage unit or bookcase which will seems to be nice from both sides and set it between the spaces.


With dinning living room combo, you’ve still got the choice of determining each space. Achieve this by using light fixtures. A lovely chandelier or two modern pendant lights hanging on the dining room table is known as a visual clue that it is split space, one part of the whole entire. Put lamps on tables or maybe make use of floor lamps within the living room. Set all lighting on dimmers. It will help make atmosphere within a party setting. You don’t want low light within the living area just to be distracted by the glare of the bright chandelier within the dining area.

Picture Of Dinning Living Room Combo Ideas


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