Designing Your Dream Kitchen

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I love going into homes and checking out what I can do with the kitchen. It’s just something I love to do  and I think I’m pretty good at it. Kitchen remodeling can be a very expensive process, but it can be very worth it. Having a kitchen that meets your needs can be such a nice experience and so worth the cost of the remodel.

The first thing you need when you design your kitchen is to remember how you use it. Do you need more then one sink? A double oven or maybe an oven located away from another oven. Maybe you want a grill included in your stovetop or one located in another spot. Once you figure out how you want to use your kitchen you want to then work on the work triangle. A work triangle is the shape formed by your refrigerator, stove and sink. You want this area to be under 5 feet on each side so that your work is easier to do. Now if you have more then one oven only one needs to be included in the triangle as most of the time you will not be using the extras. If you do make sure to put them as close to the triangle as possible.

Designing your dream kitchen

When it comes to your sink you want to make sure you get a sink that works with your design and lifestyle. Do you need a single sink, a double sink or a triple sink. Do you want two sinks or maybe you love the look of a farm sink. Figure out how you use your sink and then pick one from there.

The big thing when it comes to a kitchen remodel is to do what you want to do. Don’t follow the trends as they come and go and you don’t want to be stuck with an outdated kitchen. Figure out what you like and use it. If you love stainless use stainless, if you like black, use black. Design for you not for a magazine. You may also want to read Tips to Manage the Budget of Kitchen Remodeling

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