Different Types of Mirrors for Bathroom

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What is the most popular accessories in your bathroom? One of the most important part of your design is considered to be a mirror. Mirrors for bathroom bears not only functional element but it’s also used as a decor element.

First of all you need to imagine what effect do you wish to get buying the mirror. Manufacturers provide you with many different options for mirrors used in the bathrooms. They differ not only in shape and size but also in the materials.

Mirrors for bathroom

Mirrors made of different materials have different moisture and some differences in other characteristics. The main quality of a good product is its resistance to moisture. The best option here is the mirror based on silver. However such mirrors are very expensive. You may save your money if you chose aluminum-based one.

Double mirror minimalist
Minimalistic Double Mirrors

Very often is used panoramic mirror that allows to boost the space in your room instead of general mirrors. Also pay attention to the style . The most traditional style is framed bathroom mirrors but for more modern solution designers prefer to decorate the bathroom with the non-frame mirrors. Usually mirror is placed above the sink , so choosing between a mirror and a  sink maintain the proportions.

Frameless Bathroom Mirrors

In today’s market a buyer can find a mirror which requests all his needs. Vendors offer rectangular or oval mirrors and any other geometric shape .

Mirrors for bathroom

Small mirror with a glass shelf is the most convenient choice. This mirror gives you the opportunity to keep on hand the most necessary items for personal use . Cosmetic mirror is also in the trend. Special feature of this mirror is that it has the ability to expand its surface in any direction. This model has a special bracket holder that allows to deploy the mirror surface.

Mirrors for bathroom

When selecting mirrors for bathroom it is important to consider not only products quality but also its size.

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