Dividing Your Room With Style!

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One of the perks of loft-living, or life in any larger space, is the unique opportunity to make your mark and in so doing creates a space that suits your needs. The downside of this is that room divider themselves aren’t particular unique fixtures, and while they have a certain allure it can get tried quickly. That doesn’t mean we must count them down and out – here are some ways to fresher up the room dividers in your life.

Let’s continue down the utilitarian path and use bookshelves. You get all the functionality and storage your crave without the dullness of conventional room divider. It doesn’t get much better than that.

I have long believed in the romantic look of using dressing screens as room divider. Not only do you get to play with light, but a design element like a screen can become a central point of design throughout your space, with stunning results.

Stylish room divider using wooden boxes

Screens not your thing? Than what about the chic modernism of a free standing wall? Talk about putting your mark on a space – this certainly makes a powerful statement.

Stylish room divider with custom doors

Screens don’t have to be the kind we think of conventionally. There are loads of other materials – from plastic to felt to metal to wood – that have all been employed to great result. Personally, I’m a fan of the use of well managed fabrics acting as room divider. The hand of the fabric, the texture, the ways it bends and shapes to your whim, all make it a great option for the more ambitious home designer.

Stylish woodsy room divider

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You more a do-it-yourselfer? Can’t fault you for that! We found a bunch of super cool options online. One used records, the other balls of yarn – think beaded curtain but far more inventive. When it comes to room divider, these last couple of options prove that just because you’re putting up a wall doesn’t mean you booting creativity out the door. Read also Unique living room with recycled furniture


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