Eco Style Christmas Decorating Trend

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Eco style is very popular trend in interior design and almost all designers follow this concept last few years. That is why the idea to decorate your apartment in eco-style is not only a trend  but at the same time an original way to celebrate New Year .

At first set  live Christmas tree

Live tree – an indispensable attribute of the New Year in eco style. Because nothing could be more natural than green fir or pine . Put it  in the center of the room or in the corner which is easily visible .

Spruce should not be very high , but do not buy very low tree . Ideal height – three-quarters of the height of your room. Ate better put in a special stand made ??of wood with cross base.

Yammy toys – what could be better? Traditional Christmas gingerbread cookies will be perfect decoration which you may eat at the end. But before baking make the whole in the ginger so you will be able to put a ribbon and hang toys on the holiday tree . If you have the desire to use a cream or different glazes , you can create your own mastership, by the way it will be perfect recreation for a children. Just a great idea to make a test of ginger gingerbread house . Therefore, if you are willing to spend a bit of time , your family and friends will be delighted with your creation .

Traditional christmas gingerbread cookies
Traditional christmas gingerbread cookies

Because we want to celebrate Christmas in eco-style all materials should be natural. That’s why we offer to choose linen Christmas tablecloth. Beautiful set with white plates will look great on a table covered with a linen cloth.

It is also worth to spend a day or two in order to make special toys for the Christmas tree . We have already talked about gingerbread decorations. But you also may create your toys from the tissue. It may be some basic patterns of beautiful color patches – balls , hearts , Christmas staves and other decorations. It can be an asterisk , which are easy to stitch on both sides on the sewing machine . Even ordinary Christmas decorations, wrapped in rags on top of natural fabrics will already look completely different .

So here are some methods by which you can create a New Year in style of eco design. Remember, everything should be as simple as possible. You do not have to excel, do some exclusive things that take a lot of time and money. Keep it simple and natural that’s all.

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