Enhance Your Floor With a Rug

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When you purchase a floor rug, you are engaging in one of the easiest and most economical ways to renew, modernise, and revamp your home decor. You can enhance your floor with a rug for numerous reasons, such as livening up a dull room, adding warmth, protecting floors, or simply because you spotted a gorgeous rug you just had to have! The ideal rug will bring your room’s décor together beautifully.

beautiful rugs in living room

You may have striking bare floors made of tile, wood, or concrete, but they can get cold. On the other hand, perhaps you simply want to cover-up flaws; either way, a rug will make your floors more ‘comfy’ and attractive. Bare floors, regardless of how striking they may be, are not as welcoming. In addition, using an area rug creates wonderful effects in a room. Besides adding warmth, the hue and texture of an area rug will enhance the overall décor no matter where you put it. By selecting a rug colour that complements your furnishings, fabrics, and wall colour, your room’s ornamentation will come together like a fascinating puzzle.

How to Choose your New Rug

Even though it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of adding an eye-catching rug to your floor, you will have to be practical too. Here are a few simple steps for you to follow:

Family room with rug

-When placing a rug under a coffee table purchase a 4′x6′ or 6′x9′ sized rug. Table legs should stay within the rug. To enhance furnishings, allow floor space between the furniture and the rug.

-Under a dining room table, your floor rug should be at least 8′ in width. Chair legs should stay on the rug when people are sitting at the table and when chairs are moved away from the table. To make sure the size you select is correct, measure the length and width of your table, then add at least 4′ to each.

-If you prefer a rug for the entire room, an 8′x11′ rug usually works fine. Be sure to leave an identical amount of floor exposed at each border.

Now, you are ready to let your imagination run wild and enhance your floor with the rug of your dreams!


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