Fancy Ceiling Design Ideas

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It is amazing how easy it is to neglect something like your ceiling. Floors, as we all know, have to maintain their flat shape and feel so we don’t all fall over. With ceilings, pun not intended, the sky is the limit! If you can dream it, why not create it?

As a rule, the higher the ceiling, the more your imagination can soar! Check out the following ceiling design ideas that really struck our fancy:

Cove Ceiling: While the word cove sends us immediately to the beach in our minds, the end result of this remodeling idea is just as beautiful and almost as relaxing. Like wall molding, the cove ceiling provides depth and definition. If your ceilings are on the lower side, this is a great alternative way to give the illusion of height.

Panel fixed ceiling design

Exposed Beams :With exposed beams the key word is “rustic”. Are you a city dweller who misses the safety of a country retreat? Or maybe you’re trying to give your contemporary dwelling a homey touch? Well the soft feel of raw or treated wood beams will do all this and more.

Ceiling design ideas

Suspended Ceiling: While the options we’ve covered so far have been about creating a feeling, a suspended ceiling design can do that AND change the shape, texture and focus of your entire space! From flat panels to a more textured and integrated look, suspended ceilings are popular for their clean modern look.

fancy ceiling design ideas for living room

Sculptural Ceilings – Using Gypsum, Wood or other materials

Sculptural Ceilings have long been a primary tennent of design and décor, look at the European Opera Houses! As time has progressed, sculpture has become modern, and our sculptural ceilings modern with them. Using a variety of materials, they can add texture and shape like a suspended ceiling, but without altering the actual dimensions of a room.

These are just a few tips, it’s up to you to remember – when it comes to ceilings, keep looking on and up!

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