Formal Dining Room Design Ideas You’ll love

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Formal Dining Room Design Ideas – Colors for formal dining room need to be considered carefully. The first is because the usage of formal dining room is for important matter. A meeting with a client is the example. The client will be disappointed if the meeting is hold in a place that does not show your respect toward the client. In a famous restaurant, hotel restaurant, or even inside a private home or apartment, there should be a specific design of color. It does not matter where this formal dining room is built. There are several things that must be considered here. The first is the room color pattern and the second is the furniture color pattern.

Dining room design ideas

Suitable Colors for Formal Dining Room

The room is the first thing to be discussed here. Colors for formal dining room are limited. There is only few kind of color, but it can be combined. Grey, white, light-brown, red, and vanillas are the most suitable choice for an occasion with serious atmosphere.

Formal Dining Room Design and Decoration

Designer dining room furniture for formal dining room

However, let’s pick one to create a dining room that shows modern and casual appeal. In this case, the color that is able to fulfill the main theme is grey and white. The two color combination is aimed for striped-color pattern in the wall. White color is put below the grey color (horizontal pattern).

formal dining room table sets

Furniture Selection for Formal Dining Room

The second important consideration is furniture color that can be combined with the room color. It is not that hard. It is just need a sense of creativity, you may choose according to what you really want. In this case, you can pick wooden-based furniture or modern furniture that is usually uses glass, metal, and plastic as its material.

formal dining room with glass table

formal dining room design ideas

Let’s say you want to give more modern style in your room. It can be assured that the modern furniture will suit your desire. A table with glass-board type and metal legs is magnificent and pair it with fiberglass chair. This is the best combination of colors for formal dining room.


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