Top 5 French Interior Designers You Must Follow

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Homedecoy – France is famous for its persistent explore for top quality in the achievement of its work. Paris, as an example, is not just the fashion capital, yet has established itself being a must for interior design. This is the best 5 French interior designers list that you should follow in the world of decoration.

Meet The Top 5 Best French interior designers

Well then, lets meet the top list of french interior designers in brief with their various expertise in the world of interior design.

1. Jean-Louis Deniot

Top French interior designers

In the first place for french interior designers you need to follow is Jean-Louis Deniot. He started to put his interest in interior design since he was young. His surprise for the work of materials and patterns was acquired during the time of his studies in Paris, and in 2000 soon after he graduated, this visionary interior designer decided to found his firm. Among his expertise is to be sure that he gets used to each of his projects to properly suit the demands of his clients, implementing his journeys as inspiration. His impressive spirit and his creativity in the correlation of colors are the factors behind his presence in several remarkable projects. This Paris-based interior designer also famous for his spectacular interiors that creatively combined history with the contemporary flourishes.

2. Dorothée Meilichzon

French interior designers

The second french interior designer is Dorothee Meilichzon, It is the name behind the decoration of the very classy hotels in Paris, chzon is an international design agency founded in 2009 by dorothee meilichzon, and specializing in hospitality design. Well-known for modern style and become a source of ideas for many in a modern interior design. She embraces bold color, textures and prints, better known in interiors across the pond. She is a real perfectionist which has a preference for renewal, always trying to find fresh trends.

3. Charles Zana

French interior designers list

The Third. Based in Paris, Charles Zana’s interior design studio creates outstanding businesses worldwide. He represents his style as modern and classic; we can find it his residential projects and also shops or several other exhibitions. It is a true inspiration for luxurious interior decoration.

4. Sarah Lavoine

French interior designers

Another French popular interior designer is Sarah Lavoine, she uses precisely the same approach when it comes to interior decoration as whenever she dresses. And also ,she prevents as much as possible the ordinary and put on the detailed appearance. This French-based interior designer is aware precisely how to blend and combine different furniture and colors. According to her, that there is nothing worse than when an entire room – entire home is designed with the same theme all over.

5. Didier Gomez

French interior designers

After all, the last one is Didier Gomez. He is one among France’s popular interior designers, especially for his masterpieces at Yves Saint Laurent and De Beers, and others. His work is famous all over the world. Winner for many design awards, his projects all over the world impress everyone with the elegance and avant-garde.

These are amazing French interior designers who take the french interior design even great. Have you found a favorite? If you’re trying to find ideas, you might want to look into the projects from the best interior designers in France, so that you can get inspiration and ideas.


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