25 Refreshing Green Living Rooms, Walls, Paints ideas

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Homedecoy – When it comes to determining colors for the living room, we often get stuck and end up using neutrals. Well, green living rooms can give us special charm. Green not only offers the perfect blend of class and sober, dynamic beauty, but also represents natural colors filled with balance, peace and fertility. Because green color is considered able to provide healing effects and reduce stress. It’s not surprising that many homeowners choose the light green house paint combination as an interior decorating idea.

Therefore, by using a few green accents, embrace the refreshing and natural shine of color and start your home for the upcoming holiday season in green. Green living rooms can also be aligned with various themes and styles. Besides that, color also have the ability to change the mood of the room. Beautiful, relaxing and innovative, here is a collection of the best green living rooms design ideas,walls, and picture.

If you want a charming living room – Go with green living rooms

Green living room

Those looking to create a comfortable, warm and elegant space would do well to choose a shade of green. While dark shades of emerald green can become a bit overwhelming. Perfect lighting and matching interior decor can create a feeling of magnificent opulence. Certainly, large living room with high ceilings will get a great appearance with walls painted in pastel shades of color.

The living room in green and yellow is also incredibly popular. Also each color seems to bring the best of the other. The lighter shades of blue blend beautifully with the green and help design an airy and contemporary living room. Although the yellow and green combination creates a warmer and more intimate appeal. The mix of blue and green brings home the delights of the summer breeze!

Green and grey living room

green and gray living roomThis rather traditional living room is an example of how unusual colors such as green moss can be well combined to the wall. The green living room walls accent is very good. Don’t misunderstand, even green moss isn’t really a favorite. However, by combining it along with gray furniture, everything will transform and look very good.

Green and brown living room

Indeed, this living room looks very spacious, with green living room walls, is very attractive when combined with brown furniture. Moreover, the front yard of the house also looks very natural in the presence of several trees.

Light green living room

green living room walls

The living room with cream and light green living room walls looks very calming, combined with white furniture. You can feel the warm atmosphere of this living room, everything looks very good.

Dark green living room

Living room with dark green wall colors like ripe avocado. However, choosing dark green color for your living room sometimes can be dangerous if you dont combine it with other appropriate colors. Fortunately, dark green color in the living room is only applied at a few points while combined with white color on other parts along with cream and white furniture, and brown floors. The lighting also looks very good.

25 Refreshing Green Living Room Designs idea

Here are some green living rooms design ideas and pictures as a source of your inspiration that will help you to decorate the living room and determine paint color choices.

Finally, these are all ideas and designs for green living rooms, and some combinations with other colors. Hopefully you get living room design that you desired. Don’t forget, green always refreshing!.


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