How to paint bathroom tiles – If you are thinking of redecorating the bathroom and give it a more modern look, it is not necessary to get rid of tiles because they are worn or the color is no longer fashionable. A better option is to recycle them! With a little paint can give life again.

We invite you to learn how to paint bathroom tiles, an idea original, practical and easy. You don’t have to change the ceramics from across a room to give a touch more modern or different decoration, paint the bathroom tiles; will be a much more economic investment.

How to paint bathroom tiles

Choose the color for the bathroom

In this step you should already have chosen the color with which you want to paint the bathroom tiles. It is the color that is should know that it has to harmonize with the rest of the bathroom decoration (if not intend it to change) or think about what colors to use for this redesign.

Orange and white bathroom paint

If you’re not safe or very safe on colors, you can consult with a palette of colors or guide you with some photographs of juveniles or modern bathrooms.

Before painting tiles

We should have everything ready before painting the bathroom ceramics. First and foremost is to clean the area on which we will work. You can ask at a hardware store is the best product to do it or follow our helpful tips for cleaning the bathroom tiles and do it with them.

On the other hand, at the time of painting the bathroom tiles must be thoroughly dry. Moisture can damage the work we do; the best thing is to wait until it is able to. In this way we will avoid work twice and get the budget we had stipulated in a principle.

Tips to paint tiles

If you don’t want to paint the space between tile and tile, place a thin ribbon to cover the mastic. Personally we prefer to give color to that area, if so you also start with a medium-sized brush painting all those spaces.

Then, when you’ve finished with putty, you can start to paint the tiles of the bathroom with a roll. Try to paint in an orderly, in vertical and horizontal manner, to ensure a uniform color on the tile.

What you should keep in mind

  • Get all products to use before starting work.
  • If you prefer, you can sand the tile surface before painting. Use wet sandpaper.
  • When completed painting, let stand until it is completely dry and a second coat of paint can be made if necessary.
  • After you finish painting tiles, not you must clean them with products too strong which can spoil the color.