Space Saving Storage and Furniture Ideas

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Space saving storage and furniture has always been a problem for every house that has a small or limited space. Many things that homeowners can have a Space Saving can store their belongings, but most of the solutions that they can not something nice and neatly arranged. The solution is not really resolve the problem. This time we took a good ideas and solutions for space saving storage and furniture in your home. Please see the picture below.

Space Saving Kitchen Towers Storage by Philippe Starck for Warendorf

Space Saving one of the conditions are very good is multifunctional. Tower Kitchen, by Philippe Starck for Warendorf is one example of which can be an inspiration. Greatly saves space because it only uses 1 meter wide area only. Offer enough space to store all kinds of equipment, accessories and even food can you store on Tower Kitchen. This simple but so perfect in a solution for space saving storage. Not only that they made to give a solution of the problem of storage. See the picture below, Philippe Starck – Warendorf also Boast an integrated oven, steam oven, dishwasher, fridge-freezer and a microwave!

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Saving a bed with concepts such as drawers will provide ample space of freedom. You can use a function something, when you need a bed to rest then you just pull the bed like a drawer. When not in use then you can return as the original form. Open and closed, it is very easy and simple. Attractive solution.

1 Pull Out Dining Table Red White Grey Kitchen Design by Alno

Table with many drawers will be very practical and functional in its use, for example, is this. Pull-out dining design by Alno. Maybe you think it is not safe, but in fact it can withstand weight up to 100 kg. A seat that can be pulled out and a flexible dining table like a drawer. You can enjoy a meal with the concept of the dining room like this. The dining room is extremely multifunctional, cooking and eating.

Minimalist Functional Ceiling Bed by BedUp

Previously there was a bed that came down through the concept of a drawer that can be withdrawn and reinserted, but the idea that one is a little unique and interesting how a storage place for a bed on the ceiling. See pictures for more detail about how these concepts work.

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