Interior Decoration: The Color, Fundamental focus

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Homedecoy – First of all, the project carried out by interior design studio Elia Felices. This excellent project is concerning interior decoration of a house located in a block of the iconic Eixample of Barcelona “designed by Idelfonso Cerdá”. The home is the private property of the director of the Reunión de Empresas de Diseño (RED), Juan Mellen.

The house is articulated surrounding the large central courtyard from the block and follows the patterns of the old buildings of this area; high ceilings, hydraulic tile floors, decorative moldings and wooden carpentry. Also, during the time of working on the transforming, it is decided to maintain the previously mentioned, because that it is something enriching for the project which it is part of the architecture of Barcelona.

The entire project has been constructed with design furniture of Spanish origin and is inspired by the interior design from the 50th. For this, each of those representational pieces and appearing design have been chosen.

Color selection has been an important aspect whilst projecting. The walls and surfaces in powerful shades and tones have been a bet for this home, for it it has opted for a cashmere finish with satin effect of the Valentine paint company.

When entering; we discover a blue universe that contrasts with the colorful books placed on the redesign of the Hypostila metal shelf ;by Enric Miralles modified by BD Barcelona.

Room Interior Decoration – Living Area

The living area has two spaces: a living room and a reading spot chaired by an orange velvet armchair Cármenes tapestry, behind it a geometrical art print curtain Gancedo textile firm allows us to enjoy the large courtyard of apple .

In the living room; two dark green walls stand out in which there is; a cozy sofa of the same fabric and brand that the chair and a set of chairs and table of the company Ondarreta.

As a decorative mural you will find a combination of different dishes in bright colors of the new Georgica collection from La Cartuja de Sevilla; illustrated by Carmen García Huertas and inspired by Gray Gardens. Also you will find a series of collages at the home designed exclusively by Carlota Marquina, who, like the project, inspired by the same period.

In the center we find some; “Cármenes coffee tables” with some decorative elements such as Jaime Hayón’s The Guest figure for Lladró. A large carpet of Nanimarquina delimits the living area

While, the lighting was a fundamental point. To ensure that the scenes observed in the desired way and also the colors of both; and the walls and furniture preferred with their real color. The room has the addressable projectors of the model 640 of Simon; that allow to control the position and the intensity of the light. The decorative lamps are also important to create a cozy atmosphere, on the table a black lamp of the young firm Omelette hanging from the ceiling and next to the sofa we find the well-known lamp designed by Miguel Milá de Santa & Cole, the TMC.

Bedroom Interior Decoration

The house has two bedrooms. In the main room you will find there’s large pendant lamp of the Vibia Linear model. The walls, ceiling and even the carpentry are shaded in; burgundy color and that was a perfect combination; with the colors selected for the textile head, and suspended forming a mural by the composition of Sancal hexagonal acoustic panels.

Following this retro artistic, two walnut-colored tables from the Basque brand Treku had been selected combined with the table lamp Cesta in metallic version of Santa & Cole. The entire confers an elegant masculine air to the room, suited to the client. The most recent technology components with built-in USB port are the Simon 100 series.

Guest Room Interior and Furniture

Finally, the guest room has a sofa by – Sancal, and a rug in; gray colors and Gan earth “Gandía Blasco’s brand for home textiles”; with a ceiling lamp by Lzf Lamps and a floor lamp by designers Goula and Figuera. All combined with a table in old wood and retro props.

Additionally, choice of colors and furniture for room interior decoration exclusively; from Spanish suppliers associated with; RED (Reunión de Empresas de Diseño) for the various areas there is a carefree which is come with elegant idea. Based on a Deco style, is able to move in time but maintaining a current substance and contemporary touches.


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