Interior Design Apartment With A Retractable Wall

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Apartment Design Ideas – Everyone is always trying to make their home feel comfortable and as much as possible to make every part of the house has full functionality. This is one example of a home that has a layout with a smart interior. The whole design and decoration done by Chinese firm Fertility Design.

Clever idea that is used to organize the interior decorating is to use a glass wall that slides. You can use and take advantage of the glass wall with different functions and flexible. The glass walls can separate room with another room in a state of calm and does not eliminate existing privacy. At other times you can remove the dividing wall to create a new space that is free and flowing follow existing open space in the center of the house.

Sliding doors (glass walls) in the picture above serves to separate the office area from the other room so that you concentrate on the job can still focus. Part of the space is adjacent to the living room and the glass will be facing directly at the dining room.

The living room in a continuous design, following the theme that wraps the interior of this house. Provide an alignment and harmony. Wood floors using the color choice and the other brown and still use wood but with the color beige. Each area touches effortlessly in to the next after the glazed doors are drawn back; precisely the same solid wood floors been specifically fitted from the side to side for this dwelling to elevate blur the borders.

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Parts such as the privacy of the bedroom is designed with a simple concept and theme, is still the same and keep the flow of the other colors. Here the designer focuses to make this room look cool and give a high privacy in a total comfort.

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