Interior Design Guide : Hiring an Interior Designer

Hiring an Interior Designer – If you have a few pennies to spare then there is no better way to guarantee that your home looks stunning, homely and innovative than by hiring an interior designer. A good interior designer will have the vision and clarity (as well as contacts) that you will almost certainly lack, and will spot design opportunities that would otherwise seem like impossible dreams. However, we are just coming out of recession, and many budgets are still fairly tight. So, if you can’t quite yet afford the best Interior Designer London has to offer, and are looking for interior design for tiny-small house, don’t panic. You can take inspiration from our ‘Interior design for small house’. Well, it’s a start at least, and may well help you along the way to create a fashionable, stylish look without breaking the bank.

Hiring an Interior Designer : Get a Little Help

Just because you’re refurbishing or redecorating your space by yourself doesn’t mean you need to go it alone.  Throw a decorating party and rope in your friends and handy neighbours who can help with any DIY tasks.  Painting or papering a whole room is much more fun with company; crank up the tunes and get started!  If you’re looking for unique cushion covers, curtains and other textiles, why not ask a creative friend with a sewing machine to help you out?

Designer and Discount

Blend one-of-a-kind designer items with discount chic for a look that is totally unique.  Purchasing a focal piece for your room, such as a handcrafted Moroccan coffee table, is a great idea, but why not decorate the rest of the room using pieces from Ikea or a furniture warehouse – you can even find second hand and vintage pieces on online auction sites or your local classifieds, and don’t forget about Freecycle, where you can sometimes find great pieces of furniture for free.

Multi-tasking Furniture

Make your furniture work harder by picking pieces that have a dual-purpose, such as a coffee table with in-built storage or a sofa that folds out into a bed.  By multi-tasking with your furniture, you’re getting more value for your money whilst also saving space – great for studio and one bedroom apartments in the city.

Splurge on Key Pieces

Just because you’re saving money doesn’t mean you need to scrimp on style.  Splurge most of your budget on key pieces such as a contemporary solid wood coffee table, a bespoke bed and designer sofa, and keep the rest of your budget to a minimum.  By investing in one or two more expensive pieces for each room, you’re creating a beautiful and stylish focal point – all eyes will be on the main feature.

Interior design on a shoestring budget should be fun, so use your imagination and creativity to create a vibrant and interesting space.  Why not create your own wall art or photo montage – or use wall stickers to create a great focal point in a bedroom or living room; they’re affordable and super-stylish.

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