Interior design matters to you. You’ve been decorating your home with a more modern flavor lately. However, you’ve changed your mind. You want some comfort and charm. You also want to incorporate those antique items you have just inherited from family. How can you make it all work together and look really good?

That’s easy. A little bit of old and a little bit of new placed together in the right way will give you a personal look to your home, that says it is all about you.

Modern with a twist

It’s very possible to incorporate antiques in a modern interior design. By focusing on key shapes and colors in the room and coordinating them, you can add furniture accordingly.

Antique modern interior design

However, you’ve got to get the antique furniture to your house. Sometimes, that can be tricky because furniture items are usually large. You may want to move those pieces yourself if you don’t want them to be damaged. You can find moving truck rentals to do it yourself just about anywhere. Make sure to take plenty of blankets with you to protect the pieces as you move them. This will help keep dents and scratches from occurring.

Use focal pieces

Now that you have your furniture at your home, what do you do with them? Take some time to really look at what you already have and what you are adding. Where is the best placement for them to have the best effect? You can use an ornate coffee table as a focal piece and surround it with modern furniture, by adding a few second hand pieces to nearby table tops. Some good places to search for those are flea markets and garage sales. They are relatively cheap but add a bit of the old with your new.

Modern interior design with coffee table

Recovering old chairs or sofas with modern fabrics will completely transform the antique and allow you to use it to your best advantage. Old furniture that has been refurbished with new fabric will look great with those modern tables furniture. An antique dining set with a modern sideboard and chandelier – or vice versa – will look amazing together. Refurbishing pieces that are a little worse for wear will help a great deal as well. You don’t want to take all of the dents or nicks out of them if you want them to look their age. You can simply strip them and give them a good stain or coat of varnish to preserve the wood. This allows them to keep their character.

Adding small pieces

Wooden or wicker baskets and boxes will help give you storage and add to that rustic appeal without overpowering the space. You can put them just about anywhere and add just the right touch, whether it is your foyer or a hallway. Old mirrors, artwork or table pieces can also help with that so long as you don’t overdo it. A few pieces scattered around will do.

Modern interior design - living room ideas

If you don’t like the effect the first try, keep moving the pieces around like a puzzle until they fit just the way you want them to. It doesn’t have to look like a picture right out of a magazine, so long as you are happy and comfortable with it. Most of all, have fun with it!