Luxury Kitchen Tiles Refresh your Cooking Space

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Homedecoy – If you are high on adding a fresh look to your house with exquisite articles, garnering your kitchen with modern artistic kitchen tiles can be an object of envy to others. Booming colours, lovely textures, durable tile materials with proper lightning can make your old cooking place a new rocking space!

The need of the hour is kitchen tiles which can withstand the usual wear and tear, bear the onslaught of cooking materials as well as exemplify the beauty of your kitchen.

Ideas Relating to Kitchen Tiles:

Ceramic, alloy, quarry and natural stone tiles such as porcelain, granite and travertine are the hot buzzes of today. They are durable, beautiful and eco-friendly too. Some tips for decorating your food area with kitchen tiles are:

  • If you are fond of classical decorations, then proper Scandinavian architecture and kitchen tiles should be the right catch. These are rare, classic quality tiles designed minutely by interior experts.
  • The perfect use of ceramic tiles can also be used in royal kitchens. These surface layering generally sport single and multi-colour back splash tiles with counter tops. For a larger look, tiles can be placed either horizontally or vertically or the combo of both.
  • The NITCO tile giant has come up with Breton, Caribbean, Cosmic ceramic tiles coupled with soothing LED lightning techniques.
  • The Italian company Petracer has come up with crocodile textured ones with an opulent range of colours. Most appealing are the fiery red and turquoise blue. These are the showcases of Petracer’s wild savanna collection. The ceramic tiles are reflective in nature and reflect the colour of the light in the kitchen. These are resistant to spices, cooking ingredients, tar and heat.
  • The Opera fringe border covers are limited edition 18 carat gold plated kitchen tiles from the house of Dominic Crimson. These bear the cocktail of modern technology with stupendous design feature imparting a bold, streaky and classy character.

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