Modern Bathroom Furniture : Countertops, Storage, Cabinets

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Modern Bathroom Furniture – Today we will discuss the design of modern bathroom, but emphasizing their equipment: see some options of modern bathroom furniture. The modern design focuses mainly on minimalism. The bathroom design is no exception, but also leads the main focus.

Therefore, for the design and decor of your bathroom is in the trend goes in vogue, read on to know what furniture you use to make your bathroom a modern bathroom.

1 Modern Bathroom Countertops

Let’s start with the bathroom counter. The modern bathroom countertops generally are straight lines, like angles, with a block of marble or polished granite and wood underneath, light or dark.

Modern bathroom countertops

Under typical countertops, find wood storage cabinets, which also allow you access to the drain of the sink for repairs and such. On the table, is common in modern bathrooms find a pool that is not recessed, but rather protrudes outside it. Keep this in mind when decorating the bathroom.

2 Storage Furniture

The modern bathrooms are cabinets and other furniture for storage. They are ideal for organizing towels, soaps, sponges and other bath implements. These cabinets are the same material and hue of the furniture of the table, along the lines of modern design, as it is seek pure colors and quality materials to bring the bathroom decor minimalist approach mentioned at the beginning.

Modern bathroom storage cabinets

That is, in the design of modern bathrooms, is thought to use almost exclusive bathroom furniture minimal.

3 Modern Furniture blocks

As we mention that this style looks straight lines and angles, they do not necessarily need to have the traditional dimensions of the bathroom furniture, but may tend to be smaller, forming blocks of equipment scattered in the bathroom.

Modern Bathroom - Black Bathroom

You can hang different furniture in small and medium blocks the bathroom walls and achieve a more modern style.

4 Furniture colors for modern bathrooms

While interior decorating modern houses tend to be monochromatic, the trend of using semi neoplasticism colored blocks is also fashionable interior design.

Modern bathroom furniture colors

Try using furniture in primary colors (yellow, red, blue), or secondary colors (purple, orange, green), but always pure, use them to achieve color blocks in a bath of white, gray or black.

5 Modern Victorian Furniture

Another trend of the modern style is to combine minimalist style with modern Victorian-style furniture. I.e., they are typically Victorian designs with materials or modern colors, such as white and black or silver mixed with rose or violet.

Modern bathroom victorian furniture

This combination looks very dramatic and also looks very feminine, so it serves to design a bathroom for women or achieve the break right in a House with a too masculine design.


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