Modern Kitchen Design – The Minimal Sliding Top

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Modern kitchen design is completed designed by Minimal kitchen designer. They have completed designed a modern kitchen which called the Sliding Top Kitchen which is conceived by Stefano Venier. This is a stylist and a modern kitchen design.

The Minimal Sliding Top Glides


Conceived by Stefano Venier, the kitchen project which called the Sliding Top kitchen is completed designed by Minimal. This kitchen design reveals both a singular induction stainless steel cook top and a retractable faucet while the countertop silently slides ahead through a gentle push.

The Minimal Sliding Top Glides

The top part of the kitchen serves as a sophisticated linear table which can be a serving or a dining space when the countertop is open, and while it is closed, the kitchen forms a unique block. This Minimal Sliding Top not only looks smooth and sleek in physical design, but it is practical too. The beautiful piece of furniture is moved around, so that the sinks or any other kind of kitchen appliances are stored below the surface.

The Minimal Sliding Top Glides


The zero sound, when moving from one position to the next created by the Minimal Sliding Top which is glides effortlessly. This kitchen table is great for a number of the different purposes such as serving the beverages or it is used as a dining table. A touch of the class and the authority of the table given by its sleek, mahogany wood. This kitchen design which is designed by Minimal kitchen designer would look gorgeous in any kitchen, especially for people whose looking to save place.

The Minimal Sliding Top Glides

If perhaps you prefer table to provide a variety of different tasks, then this sliding-top table is definitely the perfect match. This is exactly a stylist kitchen with a modern accent; this kitchen type is suitable for luxury and modern living room.

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