Modern Office Interior Design by Ellivio Studio

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After modern home design, now I would like to post an interesting office interior design of an office which is located in Australia. A nice office is a comfortable office, and comfortness comes from the interior design itself. It is an important factor what an office must have. Clueless? Then give it a break!

Pantry interior design of Ellivio Studio

Yesterday I have gathered information about a modern office interior design. Then I got one which interests me, an office which called the Ellivio Studio. This office was completed designed by the Ellivo Architects. As I said before, this office is located in Australia, to be exact in Fortitude Valley, Queensland, Australia.

Workspace interior design of Ellivio Studio

The architect is definitely attracting response and enthusiasm through the entire industry for their vibrant fit-out for their lately opened office which is located in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley. Concerning this office, it happens to be located on the ground level of a high-rise building. The offices are all-black while using splashes of the yellow and texture. The architect team is focused on delivering a fit-out which is inviting to staff and clients and representative of how they operate. By utilizing the full volume of the shell of the space, the architect has revealed the services and workings of the building. Likewise the open plan office is very much on show and clients and consultants are invited to be part of the studio environment.

Discussion room of Ellivio Studio interior design

With the collaborative ideas which come from the whole team, the new open plan offices have been designed. The core of the design stemmed from the life-cycle and minimization.  Materials are not utilized thoroughly to cover construction bones; Arras workstations from Herman Miller have end of life operations with no chemical bonding, additionally, the whole layout can be rearranged to match changing needs within the random zigzag of the hanging lighting.

Ellivio Studio receptionist area interior design

As the result of the architect effort, the new workspace provides a great space for meeting, creativity and collaboration and reflects the young firm’s culture and ethos of designing success. Well guys that are all I have got, I hope this bit information about the contemporary office interior design useful enough for you. Have a nice day!

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