Romantic Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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A romantic bedroom is a warm and inviting place. Therefore, put the following romantic bedroom decorating ideas to use when you want to do up your bedroom or simply want a change from the usual decor. As is the case with all home decor the first step to designing or decorating a room is to clean it up. There is absolutely no space for junk and clutter in a well designed room, especially if you are looking to get the romantic effect.

Beautiful Romantic Bedrooms
Romantic Bedrooms image

A romantic bedroom especially, should be clear of all flotsam and jetsam related to daily life. Rid the bedroom of all papers, drawings by kids, art projects, laundry, newspapers or magazines. If your room looks like a warehouse, then there is no earthly way you can make it look romantic from any angle. Store things that you want to keep in neat boxes in a closet, basement or attic and as for the rest of the junk, do not think twice before trashing it – or hold a garage sale! Clear all tables, dresser tops, chairs etc. of unfolded clothes, books etc. the idea is to be rid of everything that reminds you that you have household work to do. Then you can implement other romantic bedroom decorating ideas. The key factor is to make the room look inviting and a place to relax in.

Romantic bedroom decorating ideas

The next key aspect of romantic bedroom decorating ideas is to fit your bedroom with romantic lighting. Stark white overhead lights are extremely unromantic and unflattering and you should invest in soft and strategically placed lighting. You want a soft glow to envelop your room and soft highlights and shadows in your romantic bedroom right? Place lamps on either side of the bed, and have muted lighting by your bed. Have mosaic lampshades which throw pretty patterns on the walls when the lamps are lit and replace all white bulbs with yellow or pink tinted bulbs. Have candle stands placed strategically around your room as well and light a few candles to set the mood when fancy strikes you.

Modern Romantic Bedroom Decorating Ideas

The bed has to be the focal point of all romantic bedroom decorating ideas. It has to be warm, plush and inviting and obviously, it has to be romantically upholstered. Have a four poster bed if your space allows and hang lace curtains from its canopy. This will flow gently around you when you sleep in the bed and with the muted lighting, it will create an almost ethereal effect. The bedside table can also have a clear crystal vase of flowers and lilies make for amazing additions to a romantic bedroom.

Romantic Bedroom design

Make your romantic bedroom smell clean and fresh as well – that is another important point to note in the list of romantic bedroom ideas we have spoken about here. The sheets must always be sweet smelling and fresh – spritz them with a light concoction of rose water and vanilla, they must always be freshly laundered and dried in the sun. Do not allow pets in your room. Choose a scented candle or light a few sticks of mild incense. Of course, the best idea would be to have a large bunch of sweet smelling flowers placed in a vase on a table!


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