Selecting the Right Kitchen Countertop Materials

If perhaps you’ve considered about redesigning your kitchen, you’ve almost certainly assigned several consideration with Kitchen Countertop Materials. Of course, countertops are not just an essential practical aspect; they’re also a most important design part. And also the many choices available could make the decision seem to be complicated.

These are a comparison from the advantages and disadvantages of five well-known materials that will help you pick the best countertops to your kitchen.

5 Popular Kitchen Countertop Materials


Granite has been a top-notch countertop material, and for many reasons: Is considered long lasting, high-temp, eye-catching and simple to clean out. Furthermore, granite is lower from veins of naturally occurring stone, which makes every single slab completely different. In most cases, a granite countertop slab will run from about $50 – $150 per square foot, nevertheless granite tiles will certainly provide the same result for less. One disadvantage in granite is it’s porous, therefore it need to be layered once a year to take care of its overall look and durability.

Engineered Quartz

Engineered quartz is the one other famous countertop material. The fact is, various designers consider it’s taken granite’s place at the top. That is basically due to it’s more durable when compared to granite. It’s nonporous, and so it’s safe from cracking, scratching and discoloration. And as well , it will not need the maintenance and wrapping up that come with natural stone. Because of the material is engineered, it comes in common slabs. But there are numerous of appealing colors and design options – which range from sleek, contemporary monotones to traditional marble look-alikes. Engineered quartz is among the more costly countertop selections. In most cases, you will definitely spend as much or even more for engineered quartz countertops just like you will for granite.

Butcher Block

Wooden butcher block countertops are not only practical and sturdy, but they may also enhance ambiance and elegance to any home. The downside to wooden butcher block countertops is in fact they might need routine maintenance. Wood needs to be covered about once a month in order to avoid damage from heat and moisture, and frequent polish and oil treatments will help keep it looking its very best. The good thing is small damages just like scratches and slight burns can often be sanded out. Wooden butcher block countertops in most cases fall about mid-range when it comes to price ranges.


Concrete countertops provide natural durability and heat resistance, and also the chance for complete customization. More than simply can home owners select from a range of precast colors and designs, and they may additionally choose to include additives just like rocks, shells and colored glass to provide texture or generate a glance all their own. Concrete countertops utilized to crack and chip very easily, although material improvements have dealt with these issues. Concrete is an excellent option for both contemporary and traditional interiors. And as well , just like butcher block, it normally comes about mid-range when it comes to the prices.


Laminate (usually known by brand name Formica) is among the most economical countertop materials. Generally made with paper pressed between plastic resins and attached to particle board or plywood, laminate is sturdy yet very easily broken. Disadvantage to laminate is certainly it’s not heat- or scratch-resistant. The upside is that it is available in many different colors and textures that replicate higher end materials at a more affordable cost. And then, their cost makes it more easily replaceable than any other countertop materials.

Obviously, these are just a few from the countertop materials offered. Also you can consider alternatives like soapstone, tile and stainless steel, such as, which usually all include their own advantages and disadvantages. In the end, the perfect material for your kitchen countertop is determined by your financial budget, usage and design choices.

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