Small Living Room Decorating With Japanese Style

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The small living room can make the house look eye catching if you can present a wonderful decoration. You will never face many difficulties related to the selection of furniture, colors, accessories and knick knacks if you can make a good plan. When planning the decoration, you need to choose a certain theme that can guide you to reach the perfect look. If you are blank without any theme, it will be difficult for you to decide the style that you like to build in the space. Your living room can look bigger if you can dominate the space with light colors and sleek furniture pieces.

Living Room Decorating With Japanese Style

Most small living room design ideas are in modern, minimalist and contemporary designs.  But you can avoid those ideas if you want to make it ethnic. You can choose Japanese design for it is suitable when decorating the small area in the living space. Your room looks serene and tranquil for it is much inspired from the Zen design. The colors used in the living room should never make the occupants frustrating. Therefore, you need to avoid any striking and vibrant colors like burnt orange, sunny yellows, royal blue, bloody red, lime green and bubble gum pink.

Living Room Decorating With Japanese Style

You can choose the muted ones in white, black, blue, gray, brown, and green. The floor can be made from bamboo. It can be finished in tan or beige to present a bigger illusion on the flooring treatment. When you like to shop for the furniture pieces like chairs, sofa and coffee table, select the one made from solid and sleek wood. The accessories in the living room should reflect the Japanese mood. For instance, you can set the Japanese samurai on the wall, cherry blossom rice paper divider, a beautiful ikebana, and a sharp Japanese sword.

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