Stunning Crystal Chandeliers Design from Manooi

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Manooi designers inspired by sunlight that surrounds us. When they worked out and produced crystal chandeliers their goal was to recreate harmony and positive natural light inside the houses and public buildings.

Crystal was the perfect material for that task .For centuries and even today it remains one of the most widely used materials for chandeliers because of its ability to reflect the light . Over the years we had been eyewitnesses of using this material as the main decorative element. Manooi’s main aim was to bring happiness to the people because they believed that good design would make the space more beautiful and harmonious .

Designers continue to work with architects around the world  creating installations for their projects . Year after year, they provide customers and art devotees something new, strong and inspiring . Due to huge demand Manooi nowadays have started to experiment with new materials, accessories and furniture. Let’s look at the latest work of this creative studio .

Manooi Crystal Chandeliers Design Gallery


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