Really Simple, Stylish Bathroom With Just 3 Approaches

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Homedecoy – Accessories can often be relegated to after thoughts when it comes to bathroom design, and yet they can be all-important in completing a theme or making a bathroom that really stands out from the crowd, and of course to create a stylish bathroom.

Read on to find out how a few simple touches can turn your bathroom into a stylish bathroom with comfort. It’s a simple idea to turn your bathroom into a stylish bathroom.

Fabulous fittings for stylish bathroom

Stylish bathroom accesories

In this case, you have to be smart in determining the bathroom accessories set. By just changing a tap or shower fitting can bring your bathroom bang up to date. Mira Showers mixer showers are perfect for creating that minimalistic look with adjustable slide bars fixings to match grout lines and a simple, single control for on/off and temperature.

Tap fittings are a matter of personal taste. However, the classic crosshead bath tap with hand shower is making a big revival this year and it’s hard to beat wide waterfall taps; when it comes to ultra-modern style bathroom. Chrome plated taps can match both; a more traditional or contemporary approach and their bright shine looks great against dark walls or tiles.

Stylish bathroom “Clear the clutter”

stylish bathroom decor ideas

It’s rare that a busy bathroom every looks stylish so sensible storage ideas can go a long way. Replace bulky storage with sleek wall-mounted units to deliver on space-saving and style. A mirrored cabinet always works well as do alcoves and niches.

Unifying a colour scheme with accessories is also a great way of adding to a stylish bathroom. Consider getting a set that includes a toilet roll stand, a toilet brush holder, a soap dispenser and a toothbrush holder. Also, if you have a relatively small bathroom; sticking to a monochrome colour scheme will help to keep the space looking stylish. Too many colours can make a smaller space look really busy.

Stylish bathroom “Go for glass”

Traditional snd stylish bathroom
Img credit: Houzz

Nothing hinders the style of a bathroom like a tired shower curtain or a plastic folding enclosure. A sleek glass enclosure can make a bathroom come alive and also helps create the illusion of more space. Fitting a shower tray into the floor for a wet room feel; is another sure-fire way to create a contemporary bathroom. Lots of homeowners want their bathrooms to look like chic hotel spas so doing a bit of research into spa interior design can give you some great ideas for your own space.

Finally, that’s everything related to a few touches to create a stylish bathroom, because everyone would want a bathroom that is not only clean but also has a good style and design.

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