Teak Wood Flooring is Beautiful and Durable

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When remodeling, there are an infinite amount of choices for just about every nuance of your home.  When it comes to flooring though, there really is only one clear choice and that’s teak flooring.  There are many reasons why people love having this wood in their homes, and it makes great flooring because of its long-lasting durability, low maintenance requirements, and naturally beautiful appearance.

teak wood floor

Teak is used for many home furnishings, including chairs, tables, living room furniture, and of course, flooring.  The reason for this wide range of uses is the fact that teak will last just about forever.  Its own natural oils prevent pests and insects from inhabiting the wood as it acts as a repellent.  It also acts as a natural weatherproofing that allows it to weather any storm, from muddy boots to spilled Kool-Aid.

teak wood flooring hardwood

This natural oil is also part of what makes it so low maintenance.  Unlike other forms of wood, which may require staining, painting, sealing, or oiling, teak doesn’t need any of this.  Teak oil acts as its own sealant.  Really, the only thing you’ll have to do to your floors during its life is make sure they’re clean, and even that boils down to personal preference.  Your floors will stand it longer than you can.

indian rosewood teak wood floor

While you aren’t required to oil teak wood flooring, many people choose to do so because it really makes the natural colors of the teak pop out.   One of the things that gives teak a lot of its character is its rings and color variations.  This will appear naturally, but you can really bring these out using a teak oil.  Teak tends to be very warm in color, almost a glowing golden yellow.  You can use teak oil to adjust the levels of this natural color as well.

traditional living room with teak wood floor

As far as flooring goes, teak wood flooring is some of the most expensive out there.  When you factor in the fact that you’ll likely never have to replace it, and you won’t have to fuss with waxing, sealing or refinishing you’ll see that it easily pays for itself.  Throw in its natural beauty, and it really puts teak over the top for choices for remodeling your floors.


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