Tips To Organize Your Small Kitchen

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Homedecoy Small kitchens are always known to make a great deal of problems for their owners. Besides facing a difficult time in keeping all the relevant kitchen tools, small kitchen owners are usually known to deal with a great deal of problems while cooking meals too.

In case your kitchen is still lacking space, even though you have got removed under used utensils and appliances, you’ll be very happy to know that you can still find a lot more choices to arrange your kitchen area effectively to be able to make extra space. Below here are 4 Tips To Organize Your Small Kitchen.

Kitchen Stove

4 Tips To Organize Your Small Kitchen

Make Use of Your backsplash

The backsplash area or maybe the area that falls in between the countertops and cabinets gives several sq ft of untouched space for storage. Usually, decorated by using tiles, the area could be effectively utilized to focus on effective and practical purposes. Think about setting up an utensil rack across the length of the backsplash area. Dangling all or most of the utensils in this way will give you quick access while cooking food and the most importantly, it will eventually free up the drawer space. One more helpful tip for the backsplash area would be to install a spice organizer. A magnetized strip can also be mounted to keep small cutlery and utensils.

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Make use of your backsplash

Make use of ceiling space or empty walls

Untouched ceiling space falling and empty walls could be very easily utilized for making extra storage space. And you will find a lots of pot racks available for sale which can be very easily mounted on the ceiling or maybe the corner. Bulky pans and pots which will take up lots of space could be saved on these racks to free space within the cabinets for storage of some other needed items.

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Make use of ceiling space or empty walls

Utilize Space Behind The Door

One other great solution to effectively organize a small kitchen will be to utilize space behind the kitchen door. Accessories can be attached to the back of the door, and can be used for hanging supplies and also cleaning cloths.

Introduce Baskets

If you have an empty space of at least about three inches between ceiling and your wall cabinets, then the storage space of the kitchen could be very easily increased by introducing baskets within the kitchen. Attractive woven baskets may easily keep small items, that have to be kept in your small kitchen, however, you do not require them regularly. Furthermore, baskets shall also add a splash of color and also texture into the room and liven up the decoration.


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