Tips to remove and prevent scratches on glass furniture

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There are many furniture and glass surfaces that can scratch with poor handling and use. Especially when we drag heavy objects or bad things polished up. Fortunately there are many ways to eliminate the scratches on our glass furniture. Here we bring you the main tips to eliminate and prevent scratches on glass furniture.

How to clean scratches in glass furniture, we need:

  • Clean glasses
  • Towel or cleaning cloth that non-fluffy
  • Lamb’s wool sponge
  • White toothpaste
  • Strong vinegar
  • Glass polishing wax
  • Polishing of metal or jewelry
  • Electric polisher for cars and their attachments for glasses
  • Polish

We will first remove the grease, dust and dirt from all our glass using the clean liquid glass or vinegar. Dry them well with paper or paper napkins. Then we will put a small amount of polish or jewelry metal polisher and rub in a circular motion, using a soft cloth that does not leave lint.

To remove deep scratches from glass we will use soft polisher accessories for cars. It is necessary that we not use harsh abrasives or you emery because instead of polish our crystal leave it frosted or we will break it.

If our glass is still scratches it is better to give it two or three more passes with the polisher for cars until the damage is gone. Advice for when there is no metal polishers or polish glass is to use a little bit of toothpaste. Some have menthol crystals which in this case will help us to more quickly remove scratches in glass furniture.

How to remove deep scratches in glass furniture

When the scratches in glass furniture may feel with the hand or are very visible we can minimize them and in some cases disappear them, but this requires much more effort and perseverance. Before you begin, we must ensure that we have the necessary disks for our car polisher. In hardware stores and large malls, there are many varieties of polishing discs, you only have to choose the suitable for use on glass, and they are usually separated in colors or numbers, so we will only have to choose the best for the size of the rayon.

After selecting the disk, put it in auto polisher or a drill and proceeds to polish your glass. A Council is to thoroughly clean the surface of all sorts of dust, sand or dirt as small particles may scratch more it. It is very important to stay calm, it is best to Polish a little a day, rush can be negative.

To help our buffing disk we can use a coat of polish before polishing or put a little buffing disc. When the scratch disappears we give shine to all the glass using a soft wool disk or with a towel that non-fluffy.

When scratches are very deep or our glass splintered the best is take the furniture with an expert in glass repair, since in many cases you will have to heat and melt the glass.

How to prevent scratches on glass furniture

Before you begin you must distinguish between scratches minor (less than 1 mm) and deep scratches (from 1 mm to more than 4 mm) in cases where rayon exceed 5 mm perhaps should ask an expert that polishing the glass again.

One of the best tips to prevent scratches on glass furniture is to use some kind of guard between objects that may damage them and the glass. For example placemats, cork folders or coasters. Felt or plastic protectors are also a good idea.

Another way to protect glass furniture is put a layer of wax to glass. While more easily slipping things less likely to scratch there will be.

Glass furniture is very beautiful and easy to clean but they are also very easy to scratch, so that is always good to have on hand some tips to remove and prevent scratches on glass furniture.


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