Tips for Room Decorating with Carpet

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Room Decorating – Decorate your room with carpet is a great idea to make it attractive. Rugs help in adding a touch of warmth and create harmony between all the things present in their environment.

Here are some unique tips to make the best use of carpets in your home and living room.

1). Always use carpets or separate emphasize specific areas, such as seating or dining area, and entrances.

2). Do not use the same size carpet more than once in a room, and not only will your room look well.

3). When using more than one carpet in one place, consider that carpets are harmonized with each other because that style is always better.

4). If you have any favorite rug then use this as the main color scheme in a room.

5). Use carpet to create balance in the room. For example, if you have the metaphorical or complex pattern upholstery or wallpaper in your room, then with a more delicate carpet will visually balance the room. And if your walls and upholstery are very simple, then you should use a patterned carpet more complex to make the room attractive.

6). Use a carpet as the focal point of a room. For this, you can create contrast by painting the walls a shade of color that goes best with the colors of your carpet.

7). Another way to create a focal point is to use a carpet as a wall hanging.

8). Use different forms of carpets. You can use carpets shaped square, round, oval or in addition to using only the rectangular carpets. Select the shape that best suits your room.

9). When buying a carpet, the size of the room must subtract 3 feet across the room. The room looks slightly larger if the ground is left bare at the edges.

10). It is better to have the corridors of 4 inches closer to the hall, and 18 to 24 inches shorter. Make sure that they are broad enough to walk with ease and comfort.


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