Tips to Choose Curtains for Bedrooms

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Curtains are an accessory required in bedrooms, since they may cause to appreciate better visually the space and, in some cases, to provide amplitude in small rooms. But it is often necessary to have some tips for choosing curtains.

In this new article, we share with you a few tips to choose curtains for bedrooms in the best way. The idea is that by placing this accessory in the rooms we have the House interior decoration.

How to choose curtains for Bedrooms

Harmonize with Decoration

If you’re going to put curtains for the first time may need to use a palette of colors to determine what you will have to use and in what shades, since should harmonize with the painting and the general Bedroom decoration.

If you ever chose curtains and you’re looking to replace it, then you will have a clearer idea of ​​the colors you have to use to choose curtains for bedrooms.

Tips To Choose Curtains for Bedrooms

Type of Fabric

If they are curtains for a window where the sun always sets, then the best option is to use fabric of linen, silk, velvet or faux silk curtains, since they are more resistant to sunny places materials and even faux silk is much more durable than the real.

If on the other hand, you are looking to get a darker room, you can also delete the entry of light with curtains, but fabrics should be much thicker. One option is to put velvet or tapestry to keep out of direct sunlight.

Size of Curtains

  • The idea is that before buying, do or send to make a curtain, you can measure the height and the size that you need or want to. It is necessary to take into account only the width of the window but also until long you like covering the curtain.
  • For example, if you have room small and low ceilings, it is necessary that the curtains are longer or almost reach the floor. This will give you a much broader sense to the decoration of bedrooms.
  • It is necessary that harmonize with the décor of the room but not be the same fabric of furniture or bed linen, for example.
  • The thickness of the fabric helps give sensation of space, and then choose it depending on if you want a bright or dark space.
  • A common mistake is to choose rooms like curtains, you must customize the space. Everything depends on each area of the home decoration to choose the type and style of curtains to be placed.

The main thing is that you can follow these tips to choose curtains for bedrooms provided fabrics and size are to your liking.


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