Flooring Patterns : Tips to Keep your Floor Fresh and not Frumpy

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When we think of something being underfoot, that typically means it’s in our way. Funny isn’t it, that when it comes to something literally under our feet – in this case flooring – rather than bother us, flooring is inconspicuous to the point of not being noticed at all?

That may be the case for some, but those of us passionate about our interiors are forever looking here there and everywhere – and a boring floor can be the flat note in an otherwise pitch perfect symphony.

Flooring tips - Tips to Keep your Floor Fresh

Need a couple of tips to keep your floor fresh and not frumpy? Glad to oblige!

First up – Patterns! I know what you’re thinking – it’s a floor, not a chessboard. We’re not suggesting go hog wild – though those hogs are known to have a lot of fun –  but employing a subtle pattern the right way can add the dash of spice you’re looking for. Wary of the mosaic look? Never you fear, a less popping look can be achieved through stains. As with most trends, what’s old is new again – so grab that parquet to form a Herring Bone pattern – you’ll get variation without getting a headache.

Next up on our list – color! We’re not afraid to make bold choices when it comes to purchasing rugs or painting walls – why should we back down to our floors? In an otherwise So-Neutral-I’m-Sleeping space, a carefully selected shade could provide the necessary kick.

And finally – materials. One sure fire way to fire up your flooring – employ more than one material. Mix and match works so well in clothing, and that’s because different textured materials WORK! Stone with wood accents or vice versa can transform a blah space to bodacious one.

These are just a very few points to get you going. As always, when it comes to the home, the possibilities are only as limited as your imagination – and it’s our job to make sure you’ve got those creative juices flowing.


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