Turn your Spare Room into a Perfect Guest Room

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Homedecoy – Having a nice guest room will give you peace of mind. If you know any guests you have to stay will be comfortable, then you will be too. Also, by taking care of everything you need before they arrive, you’ll avoid any last-minute hassles. And if you have spare room in your house, you can decorate that room into a perfect guest room.

Guest Room Ideas – Turn your Spare Room into a Perfect Guest Room

Below, we compiled some tips and ideas for anyone who plan to turn their spare room into a guest room.

1. Neutral is good

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to décor. Try and make the room as cosy and neutral as you can, and pick an interior that is in harmony with the rest of your home. Overall, it’s best to err on the side of clean and minimal, so pick as many neutral colours, linen and decorations as you can. For example, you might love a certain busy pattern, but it might not create the most relaxing vibe for someone winding down, with a view to sleeping. When you are opting for wall decorations, such as posters, try and pick soothing images. Everyone reacts differently to their surroundings and it is important for people to be comfortable when settling down to sleep.

2. Make the room personal

If a close friend is coming, why not dig up an old picture of the two of you if you have one and put it on their bedside table? It’s a thoughtful gesture, and it will make them feel at home right away.

3. Supply your guests with the appliances they need

Some guests might be shy to ask for things, no matter how little, because they don’t want to bother you. You can easily take the burden off your guests, however, by supplying them with little things inside guest room they might need. There are plenty of affordable tvs available out there, and who doesn’t like to watch some of their favourite shows in bed? You could even purchase an affordable coffee machine so that they can fix themselves with a cup in the mornings (or the evenings) without bothering you.

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4. Leave a few of your favourite books or magazines

This is another personal tip, and a good one at that. If you own a few books or magazines that you think your visitor will enjoy, then leave them on the table in the guest room. So if they’ve forgotten to bring their own book or paper, they’ll have something to read before going to bed. Not only is this a great way to look after your guests and introduce them to your favourite authors, but it is also kind gesture.


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